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Franchise Value Proposition

Molly Maid’s repeat business, strong national brand recognition, and simple business model present owners with an opportunity for high income, security and the time to enjoy their success.

Molly Maid Greater Rewards. Fewer Complications.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I partner with Molly Maid?

Molly Maid’s “repeat business” model is a stable, predictable, and comparatively easy path to financial success. Each customer represents recurring appointments; each represents an ongoing stream of revenue. This reduces the time, effort, and cost required to build and maintain a thriving maid franchise business. By offering a strong recognizable brand and proven marketing tools and strategies, we exceed other franchises in supporting customer acquisition—the first step in generating repeat customers.

Unlike most franchises, Molly Maid owners do not have to sacrifice family time or personal interests to be financially successful. The house cleaning franchise business “runs” on a predictable schedule five days a week. The simplicity of ownership—no “store front,” minimal inventory and equipment—means there is much less to manage. Molly Maid’s repeat business, strong national brand recognition, and simple model present owners with an opportunity for high income and the time to enjoy their success.

Molly Maid is also considered to be a "booming business." Learn why in our industry section.

What skills will I need to be successful?

Successful owners have the resources and energy to start a business, they have proven management skills, they are customer-service oriented, they are results- and success driven, they have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and they have the vision and perseverance to achieve their goals.

Read more about being an ideal owner.

Will I clean toilets?

No. Unlike other home cleaning franchises, Molly Maid is not a hands-on business. You’ll manage the two-person teams that will be in the homes performing the “cleans.”

How much money can I make?

No franchisor can make financial promises. During your due diligence process you will have access to our Franchise Disclosure Document that contains an Item 19—an earnings claim. You will also have an opportunity to contact Molly Maid house cleaning franchisees and discuss profit and loss and earnings with them.

Everyone's definition of "financial freedom" is different, but learn more about the costs of starting a franchise.

Do I need previous experience in the house cleaning business?

We prefer that you don’t. We’ll share with you all you need to know and provide on-going support throughout the life of your franchise agreement. If you follow our system, your potential for success is much greater as a Molly Maid franchisee.

Where can I find additional information?

Successful Molly Maid Franchisees Read our collection of helpful resources for potential franchisees:

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