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Individual Business vs Franchise

Independent Business vs. Franchise

Invest where you have the best opportunity to succeed

If you have a widget that no one else has; starting your own business makes sense. But even then, why would you risk going it alone, when franchising puts you at an advantage and in good company? Our Molly Maid franchise owners will tell you that franchising is about shared commitment, community and collaboration. Here's one to consider:

  Independent vs. Franchise
Proven systems     check
Own your own business  check   check
Be in control check   check
Established brand      check
Support network     check
Economies of scale     check
Tested marketing     check

Our Molly Maid franchise business offers you so much more

When it comes to franchising, it's our humble opinion that no other franchise system offers you and your family the features and benefits that make Molly Maid owners successful. Consider the following:

  • You can pick from among hundreds of open and high-demand available territories.
  • The Molly Maid franchise system is 30-years tested and has weathered volatile markets and increased copycat competition without interruption.
  •  Our Molly Maid brand name creates instant credibility and opens doors.
  • You'll have access to award-winning, state-of-the-art operating systems to schedule your appointments, detail your estimates and predict your income into the future.
  • You'll have a flexible workweek schedule and put in regular 8 AM – 5 PM days.
  • Our experienced, professional marketing team will help you generate customer leads.
  • Our ongoing training and support is without equal in franchising.
  • You'll have the backing of our parent company, SERVICE BRANDS INTERNATIONAL, a multi-brand, home services franchisor that has placed thousands of qualified people in business for themselves and provided the systems and support to help them realize their lifestyle and financial goals.

Why would you strike out on your own when owning a Molly Maid franchise is a home run?

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