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Buying an Existing Franchise

If you’re more interested in buying an established franchise than starting out on your own with a brand new Molly Maid location, don’t worry, you have options. Many people find purchasing an existing franchise is the right choice for them. Molly Maid has various locations available for re-sale. Learn more about your options. Buying an existing Molly Maid franchise rather than opening a new one may be a good fit for you.

Benefits of Buying an Existing Franchise

There are pros and cons of opening both an existing franchise and a new franchise. When you buy an existing franchise you can hit the ground running with a more established idea of the traffic of the franchise, the average cash flow and the success of the location. 

To get the conversation started on whether you should be an existing location or start in a new territory, call 1-800-886-6559

Available Territory

Or call 1-800-886-6559 to receive franchise information.