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Why Franchise

Franchise Value Proposition

Molly Maid’s repeat business, strong national brand recognition, and simple business model present owners with an opportunity for high income, security and the time to enjoy their success.

Molly Maid Franchise Opportunity... What are You Waiting For?

The Anatomy of Franchising

    Have you always wanted to own your own business and control your own destiny? If so, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the energy, time and means to start a business from scratch? At the heart of a franchise is a proven business model and operating system.

  • Do I have a name that consumers recognize, trust and will go out of their way for? A Molly Maid residential cleaning franchise has an established brand that acts as an immediate foot in the door to your customers and a leg up on your competition.
  • Do I have all the answers and solutions to every problem? At Molly Maid, you will have a team of professionals who have experienced most of the problems you’ll face and the collective brainpower to answer any of your questions. They become an invaluable resource to your residential cleaning business.
  • Am I equipped to go it alone? You never know when you’ll need an extra pair of arms or that helping hand to lighten the load and share the burden. A Molly Maid home cleaning franchise has a support system available to you.
  • Do I have the clout to negotiate favorable vendor deals and marketing programs? A franchise has the size and muscle to reduce operating expenses and to increase promotion efficiencies.

    Franchising is your head start to the finish line, whatever your goal may be. The opportunity for success is many times greater in a franchise system than on your own. Owning a maid service franchise from Molly Maid is a smart choice.

    Now that you know the benefits of franchising, learn the benefits of franchising with Molly Maid. You may also want to download a franchise kit.


International Franchise Association Minority Franchise Vet Franchise Molly Maid Best for Vets 2010

Franchising for Dummies
Published by Hungry Minds
Co-authored by Dave Thomas, Founder/CEO Wendy’s International and Michael Seid, Managing Director Michael H. Seid & Associates


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