Shower Curtain Hurtin

That aging shower curtain liner doesn’t always need to be thrown away and replaced. It can be easily cleaned and back to like-new condition in no time, saving both money and time during those occasional house cleaning projects. Learn how to wash your shower curtain liner in this Molly Maid cleaning tips video.

How it’s done: Molly Maid knows cleaning an old shower curtain liner only takes as long as running your washer and dryer. Simply take down the curtain and toss it in the wash with a bath towel to help with scrubbing. 

Make sure to keep it on the gentle setting to avoid damaging the liner. This will help to remove any built up mold or mildew, which is very common on shower curtain liners because of the water that gathers on them.

Following this suggestion is likely to save you approximately $20, or the cost of a new shower curtain liner, and will help with the overall impression your shower makes. For more professional house cleaning tips, check out these bathroom cleaning tips.

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