Molly Maid is a Trusted Maid Service Provider

Molly Maid has been providing homeowners with a professional touch for over 25 years and continues to be a successful maid service because of its reliability, affordability, and trustworthiness. Learn more in this Molly Maid cleaning services video.

Why Molly Maid? We are a nationwide residential cleaning franchise that has built our reputation on customer satisfaction. This means every customer gets professional cleaning services without ever signing a contract. If they find something unsatisfactory with their maid service, Molly Maid offers a 24-hour guarantee on its work.

Our insured and bonded residential housekeepers give our customers the luxury of having more time to spend how they choose. Our affordability and our trustworthy housekeepers at Molly Maid is something that keeps customers coming back.

When the professionally-trained housekeepers show up at the door in uniform, customers know their homes are in trusted hands. Curious about how much Molly Maid knows about tidying up around the house? Check out our home cleaning tips.

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