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House cleaning and caring through trusting relationships

A Preferred Residential Cleaning Company

Our customers take pride in their homes and our residential housekeepers take pride in the services they perform. A job well done means creating a healthier, cleaner home that provides our customers more time for their priorities. As a result, many customers thank us for offering such trustworthy, reliable house cleaning services. We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

It is so nice to come home after a long day at work and walk into a sparkling house and smell the crisp clean smell!!! Molly Maid gives me more free time to enjoy my weekends and evenings with my family and friends where I used to spend the weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom. What a gift! The gift of time!!! Thanks so much for what you do and the level of service you provide. I recommend Molly Maid to every busy person or parent!
, TX

I have had several cleaning services, but I have never been as satisfied and even surprised as I have been by the services of Molly Maid. Emilia and Wendy have gone above and beyond what I could EVER have expected, even doing my walk-in master closet, when I didn't even request that. Everything is always sparkling clean, things are put back where they belong, (which always seems to be an issue), and you can see the extra effort put into making it even better than "Just Right"!! I thank you both very much - Molly Maid has a client for life!, WI

Ericka and Juanita saved the day! They found, attacked and eliminated dust that had taken over my home. Also, I'm still not sure how they removed all the soap scum in my shower, BUT THEY DID! Having Molly Maid service gave me time to focus on other projects and errands, and truly provided peace of mind. Thank you so much! Sweetest and strongest ladies ever: Juanita & Ericka!, CA

They are all so friendly and I feel like they are part of our family now. My kids enjoy seeing them each week. Excellent and friendly service every time they come. , IN

It was truly wonderful to step into a spotless home. The smell of fresh and clean was absolutely wonderful. My stove is CLEAN. Great job!! I will be using the service on a monthly basis. Thank you!!, CA

Molly Maid has met every expectation plus more!! We appreciate the communication that takes place between the office and we as the customer as to reminders, time of arrival, etc. Molly Maid does a wonderful job with care and excellence on our bathroom fixtures. On the days that Molly Maid has cleaned it makes coming home after a long day at work, something to really look forward to., IN

Once again, I am astounded at the quality of service and personal touches you provide. I am consistently so happy when I see the wonderful care you take of my home. This past week, the ladies folded some laundry I had in a pile and rehung some holiday decorations that had fallen down a couple days before. I feel that I not only have excellent cleaning, but that I have people who are supportive in helping make my house a home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!, WI

This was our first scheduled cleaning. We are so HAPPY with it. Traci and Tina did a fabulous job. We are looking forward to them coming next month. WOW! Even better than we expected. Having professionals clean our new home saves us so much time and our house looks fabulous! We have more time to spend with each other and a lot less stress of having to worry about cleaning the house. Everything smells fresh and clean and is so shiny and sparkling. Great job Molly Maid! Thank you!, OH

You exceeded our expectations. Having worked 40 years in a service oriented business, I appreciate professional people who know their job and perform it well. You could add one more performance evaluation summary: OUTSTANDING!, FL

Molly Maid provides the much-needed sparkle that every home needs, especially when your house is the center for meetings and holiday gatherings. The front office and its manager offer outstanding service, from their initial greetings when you first contact Molly Maid, to their in-home inspections. They are well-versed with a thorough and efficient knowledge of cleaning, and if you have pets, as I do, they offer suggestions on ways in which to keep down the dander and other "joys" that accompany pet ownership. The staff adheres to the cleaning scheme and designs and you are left with a home worthy of an Architectural Digest feature. Well done, Molly Maid!, NC

Molly Maids care! On a Tuesday as they arrived for their work, they noticed the smell of gas in the house. They contacted their home office who contacted the fire department. They called us at our school where we work and also left us messages of alerts on our cell phones. Upon arriving home we learned that those Molly Maids had saved our house and us from a tragedy as the outside gas connector had become dislodged that very morning. Their quick thinking and the work of their support staff saved the day. We are very grateful for their timely caring. P.S. They rescheduled and did that day's work two days later in our saved house., MA

I love coming home and seeing the house looking great, which is not easy with three dogs. It's the same two ladies that come to our house and they know exactly how we like it cleaned. Prior cleaning services sent different cleaning people each time and it was never done to our satisfaction. I feel very confident leaving the ladies there and knowing it will be done right. I have no problem recommending Molly Maid to any of my friends or family members, and already have. When you are willing to recommend a service to someone, that speaks volumes. I'm always pleased with the results. Prior services were in and out in much less time and claimed they cleaned things when they didn't. I don't have to worry about that with Molly Maid. Thanks Ron!, NJ

The folks who cleaned my apartment did an excellent job! Just awesome! I won a free cleaning at a Riverdogs game, what a treat! and I've learned that I would look to Molly Maid in Charleston for help in the future. My home is spotless, they worked above and beyond, it has never been so clean and it is appreciated. Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with was professional and courteous. Thank you one and all!, SC

The overall service was outstanding! We were blown away by how clean and tidy the house looked. When we got home from a busy day and see the quality and pride that the Molly Maid Team put into cleaning our home it really put a smile on our face and was one less thing I had to worry about. We appreciate the hard work that goes into cleaning our home. We have tried two other services and by far Molly Maid blows the other providors out of the water!!, IL

My cleaning team came into quite a mess. I am down with a back that is not working properly and my cleaning was not up to par. My Molly Maid team came on the first cleaning and turned my house into a wonderfully clean smelling and fresh home again. I can't say enough about how taking the stress off me and giving me the freedom to do other things has helped me. I like that each week I can choose what I want done and how much I want to spend. I wouldn't trade my Molly Maid team for the world., IL

I love coming home to a clean house after a long week at work. The Molly Maid ladies are very sweet, reliable and hardworking. They follow my directions precisely and clean above my expectations. Molly Maid always finds a way to be flexible with my schedule, most importantly my baby's nap time. I can be assured that when my one year old is crawling around, that she is not picking up any harmful dirt or germs. The prices are definitely worth the job getting done right, they literally clean from top to bottom, never missing the smallest objects. I would definitely recommend Molly Maid, they're the best!, TX

Both my wife and I have been sick and our home had fallen into a state of disarray. Clean clothes hadn't been hung up or put away, our spare bedroom had become a storage room and you could barely walk in there. It was greatly in need of a deep cleaning and re-organization. Although the services are listed, my local Molly Maid team stepped up to the plate for me and honored a special request. They put away all of our clean clothes and totally organized our spare bedroom along with doing a deep clean of the entire place. I walked in and I was absolutely amazed! They had even put all of my bottled waters in the fridge, stocked our spare toilet paper holders and put fresh water down for our dogs after cleaning their bowls. Thank you so much Molly Maid! You've gone above and beyond., CA

I used Molly Maid for a one-time apartment move-out cleaning. The apartment was filthy and a huge job. Molly Maid did a wonderful job on short notice. As a result, the full deposit was refunded to the renter. I could not be more satisfied with your service! Would defintely recommend., NE

My house has never been so clean...even when we bought it! I don't know how they do it! Great staff. Very reasonable pricing. I like how I can customize my cleaning for my different needs. I don't have time to clean due to my job, and my husband is happy because I am no longer asking him to help clean! I am extremely satisfied! , AZ

Thank you so much to the crew who cleaned house for me last exceeded all my expectations. This was my first cleaning and I gotta tell you that I'm looking forward to the next ones. Thank you!, NE

This was my first time using Moly Maid and I was impressed at how quickly they got to work and how thorough they were. You definitely met my much that the ladies that came to my house haven't been gone but for 30 minutes and I had to tell you what a great job they did. My house hasn't sparkled this much since we bought it. My mother-in-law is coming into town tonight (she's a bit nit picking when it comes to my cleaning) so I know she'll really enjoy the sparkly new house :-) Thanks!, GA

Always on time, and always do a great job. The house sparkles each time my team cleans my home. Even my husband likes the service we are provided with our team. We immediately know the difference after our team leaves that our home is clean and fresh. Being two working professionals, keeping your home clean can be a task but we no longer have to worry about that with Molly Maid., VA

I had recently experienced a tragedy in my home and had hired you to do a deep clean of the entire home. It was spotless. Behind the piano, in the laundry room behind the washer and dryer, my home was cleaner than the day I moved in. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail, it has made my transition back to my home so much easier., AR

I just wanted to commend you on Team #7 who cleaned our home on 03/04/10. They are AWESOME!!! I walked into the house and that wonderful clean smell hits you-WONDERFUL, everything felt clean, looked clean and smelled clean. My husband met the team and he just loved them and felt good about them being there alone in our home. I would like to request them as my cleaning team from here on out. My husband said they both had such a positive attitude and took pride in what they do. They are the type of employees who will make your business rise to the top and stay there. Because of them, I want to stay with Molly Maid. Thank you for listening each and every time. , TN

I loved my first time using Molly Maid! I have already referred others and will continue to do so. Can't wait to have them come back again! , CA

Dependability, customer service, the ability to clean it not only as good as I do (and I am picky) but even better!, MI

You are consistently the best quality! Molly Maid has exceeded what I expected. Thoughtful professionals that manage their work exceptionally well!, PR

You are one of the very limited few companies/services we deal with on a regular basis that exemplifies the way a business should conduct itself. We never have to regret working with you...every other week when you've been here we come home and just grin with how clean our home is and how satisfied we are having chose you to keep our home not just "clean" but making it so comfortable to be in. We don't have to "manage" you as we do with so many other companies we pay to provide products/services for're totally self sufficient. Hermania and Elizabeth are like Ninja', out, quiet and deadly efficient! AND we never worry about theft as we experienced with other services in the past. Thank you thank you thank you for making our lives so much more enjoyable with one less care to worry about...not just the cleanliness of our home but those that we depend on., IL

The team displays a sense of pride when performing the required services, I would gladly recommend this company to anyone seeking an experienced, reliable cleaning service., DE

My team (and sometimes alternate teams) are ALWAYS prompt and efficient. They unfailingly clean my house (and my daughter and daughter-in-law's houses) with high energy, close attention to detail, and careful care of my items. I've had hip and brain surgery and just can't clean my house. I don't know what I would do without my Molly Maids!, TX

They tailor to my specific needs, work quickly and efficiently. They are always so friendly and professional. I know when I come home from a long day’s work that my home will be fresh and clean!! Finally I have more time to spend with my family in the evenings, thank you Molly Maid!!!, MN

I am so thrilled with the excellent job your two young ladies did in my 1-bedroom apartment! They emptied my trash, cleaned my stove burner pans, washed the blinds (the first time since I moved in here), washed the window sills, and dusted the tops of three tall pieces of furniture. My home is now sparkling and totally clean, and I'm overjoyed! I have a bad back and work full-time, so it's hard for me to get it all done - it would have taken me a month of weekends, but I have to use that time for other chores weekly shopping, paying bills, cooking for the work-week, laundry, etc., so I never get it done. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know I'll use your service more than I had intended to before trying it!
, TX

I love my ladies! They are the best. They are very thorough, arrive when scheduled and leave me a wonderful clean home. My bathrooms are always PERFECT! The floors shine and I never smell any chemicals at all. Wow! What a crew! I especially like that I don't have to be there when they arrive or leave and I never have to ask for anything to be done, they always seem to know what I need. I am very pleased. For me the hardest part is just remembering to write the check. Thank you so much for your excellent staff and service., FL

I had your team clean today for me and they really did a great job. They really got into every corner of my house and did not cut corners. I like that they are flexible in scheduling and they are on time., TX

Molly Maid service is wonderful! The house always looks and smells so clean! , FL

You've exceeded my expectations. I was unemployed due to the economy so I had to stop service. Believe me, I missed them very much. Well now I have a new career and I am so excited to start again. I can't tell you what a great feeling it is to come home to a clean and nice house., NJ

Thank you for doing such a great job! Before Molly Maid I had an individual cleaning my house and did not think a company did as good a job. I was also nervous about having a company come in where I would not know who was in my house. Well you proved me wrong. I do know who is cleaning - it is the same two wonderful ladies each time. They do an excellent job - better than the individual I had for years!, FL

My daughter was renting her townhome and the renter skipped without was stinky and awful. She is due any day now with a baby so we didn't know what to do. We heard about Molly Maid and called. They were wonderful, stayed within our budget and performed a miracle! , FL

It's 8:25pm, my baby is asleep and I have nothing to do but sit in the peace and quiet and enjoy the clean house. You guys are doing an excellent job. I will tell everyone that it's money well spent!, TX

As a 36-year old mother of four daughters aged 10 and under my house is definitely "lived in." When I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer a group of women I didn't know put their money together and bought me housecleaning from Molly Maid. I finally got around to using it and they came over two different days to ensure that I had a sparkling house. There were excellent and I felt cared for and pampered. They'll attest that I did a "You're cleaning my house today" happy dance! Thank you Molly Maid for giving this overwhelmed mom an unforgettable gift., CO

The workers were friendly, trustworthy, thorough and very efficient. I don't think they missed a single spot! I would definitely hire Molly Maid again and I will recommend them to family and friends!, MI

I have been using your service for a month now and I can't tell enough people how pleased I am with the results. I am truly impressed with the work Molly Maid does and appreciate the personal touches. Thank you so much!, MO

The bathrooms are always cleaned nicely and my kids love how the staff arranges their stuffed animals on their beds., FL

The whole experience was terrific! There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great., OH

I want to let you know how happy I was with the service. The work was excellent and my house looks great...I appreciated the flexibility!, VA

They made my life so much easier! We were have a one-time clean for a graduation party the next day and they were amazing. They were so kind and completely thorough. My house sparkled. With 2 teenages and a 90 pound dog that is not easy! Thank you., MI

I love that I can spend more time with my husband, children and family and less time stressing over getting my house clean., RI

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