It’s time to tail gate and Molly Maid has your pre-party house cleaning chore list organized. To get your house cleaned the fastest, get everyone involved and focus on high traffic areas like the kitchen and living room.


The kitchen is tailgate party central so make sure it’s fresh and clean before kickoff. Work your way around the kitchen using glass cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. Buff each object until it shines. Focus on the outside of appliances, pictures, vases and frames.

Next, use the same cleaner and move on to the sink. Spray the glass cleaner and dry and buff until it looks like new. Remove all chairs, rugs and moveable objects before sweeping or vacuuming, and then finish the job by mopping. When the floor is dry, replace all items, put out extra napkins and taste-test the snacks.

Living Rooms

Molly Maid knows the essentials of getting your living room party ready in a hurry. De-cluttering is your first step. Store anything that doesn’t belong in the room in a container or closet. Make the couch look inviting and comfortable by vacuuming the cushions and plumping the pillows. Use a clean microfiber cloth and dust your electronics first, then follow with tabletops, bookcases and picture frames.

Clean fingerprints from all surfaces including doors and switch plates. Finish the job by vacuuming – this is great for bare or carpeted floors. Flip on the game and let the party begin.

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