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Molly Maid and the Ms. Molly Foundation, with the help of people like you, are making a difference in the lives of women and children who have been victimized by domestic violence.

Housekeeping Cleaning Services

Housekeeping cleaning services from Molly Maid are simple and flexible. We design packages based on your cleaning preferences, desired frequency for home cleanings and budget. No contracts. No hassle.

While we offer plenty of flexible frequency options, most customers prefer regular visits from our residential housekeepers. It creates more free time while reducing the effect allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy substances have on their families. For that reason an alternate-weekly or weekly cleaning service is the most popular.

In the long run, choosing weekly cleaning services are more cost-effective. You actually pay less per visit with a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service than with a one-time or three-times per month residential cleaning. The true value is of course the additional time your family spends together in a healthier, cleaner household.

Besides alternate-weekly and weekly cleaning service options, Molly Maid offers one-time home cleanings for special occasions or events, as well as hourly and specialty add-on services for a cleaner refrigerator and oven.

Find your local Molly Maid to learn more about housekeeping cleaning services, green house cleaning, and other residential maid services available in your area.

Molly Maid your Cleaning Plan 

For a cleaning plan designed around your lifestyle call Molly Maid.  

Contact your local Molly Maid to learn about our approach. We listen to your preferences, we care about your home and we clean accordingly. Learn more about professional custom cleaning

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