The Ms. Molly Foundation believes all people deserve to feel safe in their own homes.  Domestic violence is a growing nationwide problem.  While millions of victims report this crime, there are many others who are just too afraid their situation is beyond anyone's help.  The Ms. Molly Foundation empowers communities to stop the cycle of violence in the home and gives victims of domestic violence a second chance at happiness.

The Ms. Molly Foundation has continually instilled hope in our communities by supporting education and fundraising events for hundreds of local safe houses and shelters.  Together the Molly Maid family—home office employees, franchise owners, office staff, housekeeping personnel and customers—has banded together to provide greater awareness and support for those families dealing with domestic violence. Since our inception in 1996, we have raised over $1.9 million dollars for local domestic violence shelters and agencies through the United States.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, every October Molly Maid participates by rallying our system for our annual Making a Difference Drive to support victims of this intolerable crime.  Local Molly Maid offices collect funds and personal care items to donate along with cleaning services to local community safe houses and shelters across America to support victims of domestic violence. The efforts and donations of Molly Maid franchise owners, loyal customers, vendor partners and Home Office team are wonderful gifts that provide refuge and relief for victims of domestic violence.  Every clean counts - we also have many franchise owners who donate a portion of every cleaning done throughout the year to the Foundation.

While Domestic Violence Awareness Month is important, creating safe, healthy family environments is a year-round community responsibility. That’s why the Ms. Molly Foundation is reaching out to community-minded individuals and groups across the country to ask for support. With donations and volunteer efforts from people just like you, the Ms. Molly Foundation has the power to help millions of victims take back control of their lives and the well-being of their families. One donation can do many things:

  Empower victims who've lost hope.
  Help children understand the definition of a healthy family.
  Stop the cycle of family violence.
  Help to end domestic violence in one generation.

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