House Cleaning Tips

Molly Maid has been cleaning homes for over 25 years. With this experience comes professional cleaning tips and tricks that you can use in your own home in addition to Molly Maid services. Explore the following sections to see how you can maintain a clean home throughout the year:

Areas of the House

• Bathrooms: Keeping a bathroom clean is easier than you think, especially with Molly Maid's professional cleaning tips. Read more.

• Kitchens: Getting organized before you start cleaning your kitchen is a smart first step. Read more.

• Living Rooms: The biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning living rooms is de-cluttering and cleaning in a systematic way. Read more.

• Children's Bedrooms: Parents often want to know how to get their children involved in cleaning their rooms. Learn Molly Maid's answer and other helpful tips. Read more .

How to Clean...

• Floors: Each home is different, but every home's flooring needs maintenance. Molly Maid shares tips on how to clean floors. Read more.

• Wood: Waxing your wood floor and wood furniture is easier than you think and should be included in your regular cleaning routine. Read more.

• Windows: Remove streaks and prevent fog and steam from collecting on your windows with these easy tips from Molly Maid. Read more.

• Furniture: Learn when furniture cleaning should be outsourced to a professional and how to maintain furniture in between cleanings. Read more.

Specialty Topics

Green House Cleaning Tips: Molly Maid clarifies what green cleaning means to our franchise, and shows you how to develop a green cleaning plan. Read more.

Tips for Pet Owners: Pets bring joy to our lives as well as unwanted accidents and pet hair. Molly Maid shares tips on cleaning up after pets. Read more.

Spring Cleaning: While spring is a great time to enjoy your home, Molly Maid believes consistent cleaning prevents the need for a major cleaning overhaul every spring. Read more.

• Cleaning Safety Tips: From the products we use to the way we clean, Molly Maid takes safety seriously. Read more.

Cleaning Schedules

• Kitchens: Find tips for keeping your kitchen clean in between Molly Maid cleaning visits. Read more.

Bathrooms: Whether you have a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, learn how to keep your bathroom clean after Molly Maid leaves. Read more.

• Living Rooms: Keep your living room tidy with tips from Molly Maid. Read more.

• Family Cleaning Schedule: Many hands make light work. Molly Maid shares tips on how to create a family cleaning schedule. Read more

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