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Refrigerator Cleaning

Maid services from Molly Maid can include cleaning of your refrigerator. To clean it yourself, consider these techniques:

Defrost the freezer section of your fridge when the frost gets to be about a half-inch thick, not when you have to chip away at it to insert a half-gallon of ice cream. Defrosting, of course, means unplugging the unit. When you do, be sure to also tackle the drip pan and the interior of the freezer and refrigerator. A frost-free refrigerator should be defrosted annually because frost can still form on the evaporator covers; reducing performance and efficiency.

Sponges dipped in baking soda solution work great on refrigerator interiors (don’t forget the crispers!) and adding some vanilla extract will give it a nice deodorization. Leaving an open box of baking soda on a refrigerator shelf will famously control food odors as well. Each box will last about two months.

At least twice a year, use a vacuum cleaner attachment and a long-handled brush to clean the dust and dirt from condenser coils in the bottom grille/kick plate. Unplug the appliance first! You might be surprised to learn that doing this regular coil-dusting may:

  • increase the efficiency of your fridge by 3–5%
  • save you something in the neighborhood of $100 year in electricity costs

Clean the doors of your fridge with a cloth dipped in a mild dish detergent. Stainless steel doors should be cleaned with commercial stainless steel spray.

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