What's The Best Way To Wax Wood Floors?

Waxing your hardwood floor can improve the appearance of the floor when deep cleans or buffing treatments don't work.

First, you'll need to ensure the floor is prepared by sweeping or vacuuming up any debris. Just like your car, you don't want to wax dirt and grime onto the surface. Do a thorough deep clean of the wood floor before you begin waxing.

Once the floor is dry, it's time to wax. Spread the wax in an even, thin layer across the floor. Let this dry for the amount of time (usually 30 minutes) specified by your brand of wax.

You'll want to apply another coat of wax once the first has dried. Use your judgment if further coats are necessary at this point. Most hardwood floors will only need to be waxed twice a year. But as a residential cleaning company, we know over-waxing a floor can lead to dark buildup. Call you local floor refinisher for even more tips and advice.

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Caring for wood furniture will pay off. This durable furniture will last for years when it receives proper care. Luckily, caring for wood furniture is a fairly simple process.

As with all of your home, dust wood furniture regularly. At least once a week, make a dusting pass to ensure that wood furniture is free of debris and dirt. Like your floors, wax can be an essential tool to help protect your furniture. There are many commercial wood furniture waxes available on the market to help you. When polishing wood furniture, keep these tips in mind:

1. Use a soft cotton cloth.
2. Put cleaner on cloth and apply to furniture.
3. Work in small circular motions, following the wood grain.

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