Cleaning Institute: General Household Tips from Professional House Cleaners

Tips for Common Surfaces, Special Situations, Allergies and Cleaning Safety

Here find Molly Maid professional tips for common surfaces, and advice from professional house cleaners about special cleaning concerns like safety, green cleaning, unpleasant messes, and stains from pets, red wine, and summer barbecues.


For most homeowners, cleaning windows is daunting, and almost every room in the house has at least one. Here’s how to keep them clean without getting too bogged down:


Hardwood flooring can lose its luster and need a treatment of wax to improve its looks and restore its protection from wear, and wood furniture has unique cleaning needs to consider:

Red Wine Stains & Cleaning Ceramic/Vinyl Flooring

If red wine is consumed in your house, you know that occasional spills on the carpet are inevitable. Click the link below and you’ll know what to do the next time a spill happens—and get some do-it-yourself tips for keeping ceramic tile and vinyl floors looking good.

Safety First

Molly Maid adheres to a strict safety regimen during each cleaning service. Being careful around damp, freshly mopped floors is something you obviously keep in mind, but did you know about the extremely dangerous mistake of mixing bleach with cleaning products that contain ammonia?  Learn more about safety considerations below:

Non-toxic Cleaning for Indoor Health

Learn about Molly Maid’s green cleaning approach and philosophy:

Got Pets?

Pet owners have special cleaning chores to do when accidents happen. Learn some insider tips on dealing with stains and odors:

Clean Homes = Fewer Allergens

When it comes to stuffy heads, sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes, indoor air can be just as much the culprit as outdoor pollen. Click below for tips from the pros at Molly Maid on how to reduce allergens and improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, apartment or condo:

Using Common Household Items as Cleaning Products

Tackle tough stains and buildup using common pantry items like corn starch and vinegar—they’re handy, non-toxic and do the trick (click the link below for a video):

The “Scary” Spaces

A little neglect of the garbage disposal, refrigerator and a kitchen garbage can quickly create an unpleasant cleanup job. Click the links below to learn tips from the professional house cleaners at Molly Maid on how to make quick work of the smellier, more unpleasant household cleaning tasks (click the link below for a video):

Do Americans Despise Housework?

Did you know that 93% of Americans confessed that they would rather do anything else than clean their homes? Take a look at all the stats from the survey here:

For a free in-home estimate, call 1-800-MOLLY-MAID or your local Molly Maid today, and learn more about the freedom that having professional house cleaners can give you.

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