Microwave Cleaning

How to Clean Your Microwave

Maid services from Molly Maid can include cleaning of your microwave oven. To clean it yourself, consider these techniques:

This is a pretty straightforward appliance to clean, but there are a few tricks, such as this one, for an especially difficult (messy, caked-on grief) microwave situation:

  • Add a quarter cup of vinegar to one cup of water and boil the solution in your microwave for three minutes. The walls of the oven’s interior will be coated with scalding hot acidic humidity.
  • No elbow grease required: simply sponge away the mess.

Another trick to tackle odors in the microwave:

  • Leave a dish of vinegar in the microwave overnight
  • Repeat nightly until odor disappears

Keeping on top of your kitchen appliances can be done whether you do it yourself or hire Molly Maid for maid services. To stay updated on Molly Maid’s professional cleaning tips, just sign up for our newsletter.

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