Spring Cleaning Checklist

After a long winter, spring has finally sprung. But before you can open up the windows, you must clean them. Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning. And to make this daunting task seem a little more manageable, we’ve created a handy-dandy printable spring cleaning checklist. We’ve organized the cleaning checklist room by room. We recommend starting with the All Rooms tasks first, and then finishing each room individually after that. But before you get started, be sure to check out the Cleaning Institute for professional spring cleaning tips!





  • Organize cabinets and drawers
  • Clean backsplash and countertops
  • Clean sink and shine faucet
  • Scrub the shower and bathtub
  • Wash shower curtain
  • Clean the toilet


  • Clean keyboard
  • Wipe down computer monitor
  • Disinfect computer mouse and phone
  • Clear away the clutter



  • Clean behind washer and dryer
  • Thoroughly clean lint trap in dryer and washer


  • Wash screens
  • Organize garage
  • Clean deck and outdoor furniture
  • Hose-out garbage can and recycling bins

Congratulations, you've reached the end of the Spring Cleaning Checklist. No sweat, right?

To make spring cleaning a little lighter next year, we recommend establishing a regular cleaning schedule. If you need a little help, keep in mind that Molly Maid offers flexible cleaning options. Whether you're spring cleaning or preparing for company, contact your local Molly Maid for an extra hand!

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