Molly Maid Franchisee of the Year

Kevin and Katrina Keith Named Molly Maid’s Shining Star

The Shining Star Award recognizes a franchise owner who embodies Molly Maid’s vision and core values with professionalism, gold standard customer service, promoting customer loyalty and serving their community.

Kevin and Katrina Keith, owners of Molly Maid of the DFW Metro Northwest are 10-year veterans of the business and received the Shining Star recognition in front of their peers at Convention. Their service as an Owner Training Center, high standards and ability to overcome challenges with creative solutions were among the reasons the Keiths were selected.

“Katrina’s office is so calm when you walk into it, because everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing!” said John Cohen, vice president of Operations.

The Keiths said they were surprised to have won Molly Maid’s top franchise award for 2014 as they strive for perfection, yet know they are far from perfect.

“It was a nice surprise to be recognized, because we know how hard our entire team works to reach our goals,” said Katrina Keith.

Their Molly Maid office aims to be on their “A” game every day and review results and provide additional training to keep a continuous improvement atmosphere as part of their office culture. They also shared their secret to growing the business year over year.

“Customer service is the key to growth! It’s not rocket science; we all strive and struggle to keep our current customers by ensuring quality control and rewarding teams with compliments for a job well done,” she said.

They use old-fashioned communication to also keep in touch with existing customers and keep postcards on hand to send personal notes when a free 10 or 15 minute opportunities arises. They also use Listen360 to request feedback from their customers.

“If you ask for customer feedback, you better listen and respond!” she said.

After attending the 2015 Convention in Grapevine, Texas, where the Keiths were awarded the Shining Star, Katrina Keith said she was inspired by all the new faces in the Molly Maid system.

“There are a lot of new owners, who are bringing fresh ideas to the table. It will be interesting to see how they tackle challenges and it’s great to see Molly Maid increase market share,” said Katrina Keith.

When asked to look back over the past 10 years as a Molly Maid franchise owner and consider whether they would do it all again, Katrina Keith said, “absolutely!”

“The beautiful part about the Molly Maid business, and something we share when we interview employees, is that we can really touch lives. People come to work for Molly Maid, we teach them skills, provide a stable paycheck and get to see how Molly Maid makes a positive impact in their lives, as well as in our customers’ lives,” said Katrina Keith.

2013 Molly Maid Franchisees of the Year Sunny and Amita Gupta are owners of Molly Maid of Southeast Dayton. They have owned and operated the business since July 2010, and during their year’s performance, they won the Rookie Resale of the Year Award. Their secret? Doing their best to follow the Molly Maid model!

“When we heard the description of the Shining Star Award, and others at our table began to point, we thought it can’t be us! It was a big, big surprise,” said Amita Gupta. “We were really humbled and honored.”

Then, they immediately thought of how they would honor their employees and celebrate the award as a team. “After announcing the award at the office on Monday with chocolate truffles, everyone was so excited and proud that they wanted to hold the trophy!” said Amita Gupta. “That Friday, everyone was treated to an after-hours pizza party.”

3 Secrets of Success

  1. Give great customer service The customer is at the basis of any of the Guptas’ decision-making process. They hold a team member meeting every morning where they go line-by-line and review every customer scheduled for the day! Sunny Gupta added that Molly Maid customers call them to get peace of mind. “We want to make the customers’ lives easier so they don’t have to think about their house cleaning,” said Sunny Gupta.
  2. Hire and train great people “Since day one, we have followed the Molly Maid system as close as we can because it’s been here for 30 years! If you follow the system – you will be successful,” said Amita Gupta. The Guptas want to hire people who are warm and passionate to help deliver on the Molly Maid promise for professional house cleaning service. 
  3. Molly Maid means teamwork Their company’s goal is for the people of Dayton to only think of one maid service, and that is Molly Maid! “One person can give 100 percent, but you can’t achieve 100 percent as a company, unless everyone is committed to the same goal,” said Amita Gupta. “We tell our team we can all be successful if we do it together. The message in our office is that Molly Maid is a synonym for teamwork.”

At their first Convention, the Guptas remember everyone being so approachable and open to talking about the business. “We are really blessed to be part of the Molly Maid family,” said Amita Gupta.

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