Gift Certificates

Recipient Information
We'll personalize the certificate for your recipient. If you don't know the recipient (for example, you're planning on using the certificate as part of a raffle or incentive program), then leave these fields blank.
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Gift Certificate Amount

Because we consider many variables when pricing a cleaning, it is difficult to say how much to spend on a house cleaning gift certificate. The most popular gift is for $250. A great idea is to call the office that will be serving the recipient and they can help you with an estimate.

Instant Delivery Option

If you provide your recipient's email address here, we'll send them an email immediately with a link to the certificate.

If you do not enter an email address under our Instant Delivery option, simply print or forward the gift certificate from the confirmation email you will receive after purchase.

Billing Information

Please note: City, State and Zip code must match the information on record with the Credit Card that you use to purchase the gift certificate.

You will receive a receipt email after the succesful purchase of the gift certificate at the address you specify here. You will also receive an email with the link to view the certificate.

Credit Card Information

The billing information for the credit card must match the address information supplied above.

Please enter only the digits for the credit card number (i.e. no dashes or spaces)


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A gift certificate from Molly Maid allows the recipient to relax and focus on something other than house cleaning. It’s the perfect gift for... Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, new homeowners, expecting moms, gracious hosts, anyone recovering from an illness, anyone dealing with loss and much more.

Once the recipient receives the gift certificate, all they need to do is simply contact the local Molly Maid office to discuss details and schedule service. Click here to find a local Molly Maid office.