Molly Maid Reviews

Your neighbors trust Molly Maid for residential house cleaning services because we listen, we care and we treat you and your home with respect. Each residential housekeeper takes pride in his or her work; it's a reflection of the high professional cleaning standards we maintain. As our customers will tell you, at the end of the day, your satisfaction is our goal.

What Do You Like About Your Molly Maid House Cleaning?

Your staff is courteous and reliable.

Attention to detail and remembering our preferences.

Thanks for a great job!

I like walking in to my house after work, opening the door and seeing this wonderfully clean house - totally takes all stress away.

I love Molly Maid!

My only disappointment is I can't afford to have them every week :)

The very best of all is having my weekends to enjoy myself and relax rather than cleaning.

Worked out a plan to dust a large collection on a rotating basis.

The convenience and security of using a national brand...

I love the way my home looks.

They arrive on time. They concentrate on their work. And they are cordial and friendly while being professional.

..the ladies take feedback and take care of little extra things we like to have done..That everyone we have dealt with has been PROFESSIONAL!

Everyone at Molly Maid is very polite and the customer service they offer is a rare thing these days.

I feel comfortable that they are in my home and confident that they will treat my home and belongings as their own.

The girls are always SO consistent and make sure the house looks just as great each and every time they are there.

They do an amazing job of cleaning each room and customizing putting their special touch.

The kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling clean! The rest of the house is great too... this is the most wonderful service I have ever had.

The team is always on time and are also very compliant with whatever my likes and dislikes are.

It's nice walking in to a clean house at the end of a busy day.

The floors are always cleaned properly and the bathrooms are always nicely done. Your people always show up on the day that is promised..

I walked into my home after the initial cleaning and wanted to cry because it looked and smelled so nice.

From the first cleaning to now, they have been amazing each time.....I have really appreciated everything they have done

The maids stayed until everything Molly Maid quoted was finished!!

Wonderful job.

The work done by the team has always been of good quality. Not flawless all the time but easily beats the other services I have tried the past few years. I can see they always tried hard to maintain consistency. Offers a fairly reasonable price relative to the other quotes I have seen when I was looking to try another service.

Molly Maid did an excellent job...

I've searched for 12 years for a good housekeeping service in Dallas, and FINALLY found it.

The estimator was very professional and she customized the service according to our needs. The maids did an outstanding job especially in areas I have always had difficulty with.

Once again, I was thrilled with all I surveyed following yesterday's clean. Thank you again for providing such an excellent service.

Please share with the ladies I appreciate everything that they are doing. Though I clean through out the week, it's a relief to have everything dusted and vacuumed better than I can do.

Very professional in every way, they did a great job and I am thankful that I have found you guys!

Molly Maid always meets or exceeds my cleaning expectations.

They do do a great job removing all the pet hair to alleviate our allergies.

I am very pleased!

The cleaning is thorough. There is very little turnover in personnel so the same people, who know my house and my preferences, come each time.

I know when I get home that day, everything will be wonderfully clean!

..thorough in their cleaning, respectful of my privacy, very responsive to any questions or concerns I may have.