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Back to School Strategy to Keep the House Clean

It’s back to school season and the perfect time to get your kids involved in house cleaning and decluttering your home. Most experts say that another aspect of being organized is taking charge of delegating chores to other people in the house and having a daily or weekly routine. Everyone contributes to the mess, so everyone should help keep the house clean. When it comes to your kids and their friends, these kinds of rules teach them about responsibility and teamwork. For adults, it’s all about doing your part to help. It’s just so much easier to clean when there’s no clutter.

Here’s a suggested list of daily chores to delegate:

kids chore chart with boys sports on it

• Make beds (everyone makes his or her own.)

• Take out the garbage.

• Sort and wash the laundry.

• Fold and put laundry away.

• Pick up toys.

• Sweep the kitchen floor.

• Vacuum.

• Set the table.

• Clear the table.

It’s never too early to start teaching children to help around the house. Kids won’t see chores as chores if you make it fun. Even a young child can help set the table or put dirty clothes in the hamper. Download a chore chart for each child so everyone knows exactly what’s expected. Remember, when you delegate chores and ask everyone in the family to help out, you’re teaching teamwork – an important skill at home, in sports and in life. Discover more helpful cleaning tips from Molly Maid.

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