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10 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal Outside & In

You’ve decided to sell your home. That means at any moment, it must be show-ready for prospective buyers. Follow these 10 tips to increase your home’s curb appeal, both outside and in, then sit back and wait for an offer.

1. Clean up yards.
If you have yet to clean up after winter, do so yourself or hire a landscaping service. Remove all dead leaves and branches. Pick up after any pups. Also, go through flowerbeds, removing weeds and planting flowers as needed to add a pop of color.

2. Pressure-wash Link opens in a new tab patios, walkways and driveways.
Again, you can do this type of maintenance, if you own the equipment, or you can hire a professional handyman Link opens in a new tab to clean up concrete. If you do perform this task yourself, follow all instructions to avoid damaging any surfaces.

3. Accessorize outside.
With grassy and hard surfaces cleaned up, add accessories to boost your home’s curb appeal. Hang a colorful wreath on the front door and add a complementary welcome mat. Clean and repair any outdoor furniture cushions. While on the market, keep your home’s outdoor living areas free of debris.

4. Deep clean the kitchen.
Spring-clean your kitchen or hire a cleaning service to tackle this job, as well as other cleaning tasks on this list. Box up any unneeded items from countertops and cabinets; this also gives you a head start on packing. Pull appliances away from walls and clean underneath. When you do have showings, toss any kitchen towels in the laundry instead of leaving them in place.

5. Scour the bathrooms.
While a slightly dingy bathtub/shower floor may not bother you, it will turn off a prospective buyer. Use a simple solution of baking soda and distilled white vinegar to remove hard-water stains from all surfaces, including the insides of toilets. Keep all mirrors, countertops and cabinets clean, and keep company-only towels out at all times; hide the ones you use on a hook behind the door and toss them in the laundry before showings.

6. Organize the garage.
Read these excellent articles on how to do handle this chore, which proves necessary for the curb appeal of your home both inside and out.

7. Declutter inside.
Clutter distracts buyers from the beauty of your home. Significantly reduce the amount of personal photos and knick knacks on display, boxing them up as you did unneeded kitchen items.

8. Deep clean floors.
Whether tile, wood or carpet, have your floors professionally cleaned, especially if you have pets, and maintain their appearance. Some homebuyers replace carpet before moving in, but you can’t make that assumption.

9. Wash windows.
This task increases the curb appeal of your home both outside and in. If you don’t possess this skill, add it to the list for the cleaning service; poorly cleaned windows look worse than dirty ones.

10. Touch up walls and ceilings.
Melamine sponges quickly remove smudges from painted walls. For dings and difficult-to-remove stains, hit the home-improvement store for supplies.

Good luck with selling your home!

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