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Baby/Wedding Shower Cleaning Tips

Baby Shower And Wedding Cleaning TipsIt’s shower season. And no, we’re not talking about the “April showers bring May flowers” type. It’s baby/wedding shower season.

And to help, you made the mistake dutiful decision of hosting the shower at your home. No problem! Right? All you need are a few decorations and some yummy snacks…

WRONG! You’re going to have a large group of women in your home. Some that you know well. And some that you don’t. You may not realize it now, but ALL those women will notice the dust bunnies underneath the coffee table and the cobwebs in the corners. So, in order to squash the powder room chatter, we suggest you follow these Molly Maid baby/wedding shower cleaning tips and make your home shine!

  1. It’s the details that matter. Get those cobwebs in the corners, sweep behind every door, and baby proof your electrical outlets in the “common” area. Mommy guests will especially appreciate the effort.
  2. Vacuum/dust the furniture. You may have to pull out some folding chairs or stored furniture to accomodate for more seating. Give those chairs and good wipe-down and vacuum anything upholstered. Plus, if you have pets, this will hopefully help quell issues for those with dog/cat allergies.
  3. Scrub/Vacuum those floors. Again, mommy guests will appreciate a clean floor for their toddlers/babies to explore. Plus, no one likes dust bunnies, especially us.
  4. Get your hands wet. Handwash your stemware, silverware Link opens in a new tab, china, or whatever you’re using to serve your guests. Sometimes the dishwasher just doesn’t cut it. Handwashing items (especially those you don’t use everyday) allows you to get spots and dust off completely.
  5. Relax! This is supposed to be fun, remember?!
  6. BONUS: This isn’t a cleaning tip, but having fresh cut flowers at the shower makes a huge difference. Not only will they be visually appealing but they will make your house smell wonderful!

What do you think of our baby/wedding shower cleaning tips? Leave us your tips in the comments section below. Discover more helpful cleaning tips from Molly Maid.