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At-Home Weddings Preparations | Who You Should Have on Your Team

Remember that great scene from Father of the Bride when Steve Martin’s character, George Banks, goes to the grocery store for hot dogs? It’s a wonderful example of the stresses of an at-home wedding…

Don’t let that example of a classic meltdown scare you away. If you’re determined to have your wedding at your home or the home you grew-up in – you can do it! But you must be VERY prepared and have a supportive team to make it happen. And you don’t need Franck Eggelhoffer captaining your team either…

This is who (and what) we suggest having in your corner:

  • Lawn Service Company. Unless you’re having a very “cozy” indoor ceremony and reception, you’re more than likely going to have the festivities happening both inside and outside the home. Outsourcing lawn care services will save you buckets of time in preparing the outdoor space for your ceremony and/or reception.
  • Maid Service Company. We know, it’s such a shocker that we’re suggesting this, but we sincerely mean it. Utilizing a home cleaning service company like Molly Maid will give you the value of time. And we all know there can never be enough time when planning a wedding. Leave it to the professionals when it comes to cleaning your home, especially for an event of this magnitude.
  • The neighbors. Unless you want to get the evil eye for the next five to 10 years, be sure to invite the neighbors. Not only will you be less likely having the police stopping by for noise complaints, but just in case you need some extra help setting up the day of, you’ll have some immediate helping hands!

What do you think of our suggestions? Have any advice of your own?

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