MOLLY MAID of Southwest Cook County

MOLLY MAID of Southwest Cook County doesn't have any offers at this time, but check back soon!

    “The girls arrive on time and always do a good job.”

    - R.W.P

    “I like the professionalism of the employees.”

    - S.D.S.I

    “Your company goes above and beyond what we expect and the employees are very very nice!”

    - Jodi

    “The workers are very professional and they do an excellent job.”

    - K.W

    “They are great.”

    - Carol

    “The house glows when the girls are done the cleaing.”

    - N.D

    “The home was cleaned well.”

    - L.S

    “I am very satisfied with the job Molly Maid is doing and have recommended them to neighbors and friends.”

    - K.W

    “They are efficient, concerned and friendly.”

    - D.A

    “The cleaning crew is consistently thorough.”

    - M.A.H