Holiday Cleaning Services

It's the Holiday Season! Are You Ready?

Getting your home prepared for an onslaught of guests ready to deck the halls and trim the tree can be overwhelming and stressful. While it isn’t necessary to do a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning to get your house holiday ready, tidying and cleaning the areas you and your guests will spend time in is advisable. This usually includes the main living areas, kitchen, and guest bathroom.

Your local Molly Maid offers high-quality, reliable holiday cleaning services that can help lessen the stress of entertaining holiday guests. Our service can also give you more time to enjoy holiday pleasures, like baking cookies with your guests. But, even if our holiday cleaning services aren’t on your list this year, we still want to help you enjoy the holidays. So, we’ve compiled a holiday cleaning checklist to guide you through getting each room of your home holiday-ready.

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

As you prepare your home for holiday guests, remember to always prioritize cleaning areas. For example, your entryway is the first area your guests see upon arrival. Make sure it’s tidy, dusted, and organized. Adding a poinsettia is also a nice way to greet guests and get them into the holiday spirit.

Here are some additional tips to help you get specific areas of your home ready for holiday guests:


    • Pick up and store any shoes, umbrellas, coats, and clutter.
    • Designate a space in the closet or other area for guests' coats, boots, and shoes.
    • Wipe down walls and baseboards to remove any scuffs and marks.
    • Clean windows and doors.
    • If necessary, clear walkways and entryways to ensure the safety of your guests.

Living Room

    • Pick up the clutter, organize items neatly, and donate any items you haven’t used in the last 6-8 months.
    • Vacuum carpets (clean stains) and clean wood and tile floors.
    • Dust and polish furniture.
    • Vacuum furniture fabric, wash pillowcases and blankets, and fluff sofa cushions.
    • Neatly fold throw blankets (after you wash them).


    • Declutter and clean and disinfect countertops.
    • Clean cooktop (soak stove grates and knobs in sink to remove cooking residue).
    • Replace kitchen hand towels (have plenty of paper towels available).
    • Make room in the refrigerator for your guests favorite snacks and leftovers.


Clean and declutter any bathrooms your guests will use. For overnight guests, stock the bathroom with extra towels and toiletries. Here are some more tips to get your bathrooms guest-ready:

    • Clear personal products from the vanity and cabinets.
    • Supply fresh bath and hand towels.
    • Refill the soap dispenser and set out extra toiletries.
    • Make sure toilet tissue is well-stocked.
    • Provide overnight guests with a blowdryer (or access to one).
    • Place a nightlight in the bathroom.
    • Clean the cabinets and countertops.

Holiday Cleaning Services for Home, Business, or Office

The holiday season also marks the end of a calendar year, which is a perfect time to have Molly Maid clean your home, office, or business. Our team of experienced cleaners will ensure your living and work spaces look spotless.

Here is what you can expect with a Molly Maid cleaning service:

    • Kitchen: We’ll start by cleaning all small appliances and countertops, including the interior of your microwave.We’ll also clean the stovetop, drip pans, and vent hood. After cleaning your appliances, chairs, tables, and cabinets, we’ll vacuum and mop your floors.
    • Laundry room: Clean all surfaces, including the washer and dryer. Mopping the floor.
    • Living room: We dust and clean every corner of this room, paying close attention to detail. We’ll also vacuum your floor and furniture, including under furniture cushions.
    • Dining room: We’ll start by dusting the light fixtures, then dust and clean all of the furniture in your dining room. We’ll finish off this room by vacuuming it thoroughly.
    • Bedrooms: We dust baseboards, window sills, and every other surface in your bedroom. We’ll clean mirrors and hanging frames, and finish things off by vacuuming. We can also replace bed linens upon your request.
    • Bathrooms: Wipe clean your tub, mirrors, faucets, basins, countertops, and surrounding areas. Our team of experts will take the time to clean the interior and exterior of your shower and your toilet before vacuuming and mopping the floor.
    • Office: Our office cleaning service ensures your desk, window sills, picture frames, and computer monitors are dusted and clean. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and mopped. We will even disinfect your doorknobs, keyboard, and the computer mouse.

Why Molly Maid Cleaning Service

Since 1984, Molly Maid has been providing home and business owners with exceptional cleaning solutions that meet both their needs and busy lifestyles. Whether you’d like a one-time cleaning or a weekly recurring cleaning plan, our custom cleaning services are designed to work with your schedule and budget. Give us a call to schedule home cleaning services, or request a FREE Estimate online.

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