Cleaning Tips for Moving into a New House

Excitement runs high when moving into a new space, whether you’ve purchased a new home or are moving into a new rental. It’s easy to sign those papers and immediately want to move in all your things and get to nesting in your new home.

Despite your highest hopes and memory of the space when you toured it, there’s almost always still some cleaning to be done after the keys are handed over. The people who lived there before may not have the same standards for cleaning as you do, and they were surely rushed in taking care of thing when moving out. This means the new house or apartment likely won’t be as clean as you’re expecting.

Move-in Cleaning Services

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning your new home (in addition to packing, moving, unpacking, getting settled and everything else on your to-do list)? Molly Maid’s move-in cleaning service can take the worry of cleaning off your mind and make it a lot nicer to move into your new home. Letting someone else tackle the cleaning gives you more time to prepare for settling into your new home and taking care of everything else that comes along with moving.

Learn more about this service or schedule a free estimate today.

Move-in Cleaning Checklist

Ready to tackle your move-in cleaning yourself? Our DIY move-in cleaning checklist covers everything you should plan on cleaning, and some recommendations for getting it all done efficiently.

Things to Buy for a New Home

Figuring out what you need when moving into a new home can be a challenge of its own. We often purge in the process of moving out, only to realize we don’t have what we need when we arrive at our new home. Did you get rid of the broom because it was getting old, only to realize now you need it? We’ve put together a list of things you will need to have on-hand to make it through those first couple weeks.

If you know someone else who’s moving soon—we also have the perfect list of gifts for new homeowners that we’re sure absolutely anyone would be excited to receive!

3 Time Saving Moving Tips

Feeling overwhelmed by all the work your move requires? Consider these moving tips for saving time that are sure to help streamline the process.

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