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We offer Molly Maid's 24-hour Clean Warranty on all our services. This means you can trust us to meet your expectations. If you're not satisfied with our services, call us within 24 hours and we'll come back and clean it again at no additional cost to you.

About Us
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Molly Maid® of Sioux Falls offers all customers the most thorough cleaning services for anyone in the area who needs house cleaning services nearby! We have well-trained and experienced cleaning professionals who always give you a sparkling clean home. We train each home service professional in the latest, best cleaning techniques so they can give you the quick and thorough cleaning services you deserve. You have unique cleaning needs, and we will customize your cleaning to meet them.

Molly Maid offers many different cleaning services for all customers. We always strive to make every appointment reliable and hassle-free. We offer customers the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ to ensure a high standard of cleaning. We will do everything it takes to get your home clean so you can simply relax in it.

Maid Service Near Me in Sioux Falls

Residents of Sioux Falls can count on getting the best nearby maid service when they call Molly Maid. We’re the best company to turn to when you want a professional cleaning that’s completely hassle-free. When our cleaning team arrives, they will have all of the equipment and products they need to give you a sparkling clean. We are committed to high quality and pay attention to all the details. You’ll have no worries when you hire Molly Maid. We have flexible cleaning schedules, so we can get you the cleaning you want when you need it. Because we offer the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, we assure you that if the cleaning doesn’t meet our standards, we will come to your home again to clean again.

Our Services

When you need a comprehensive maid service that will take care of all the cleaning, just call Molly Maid and make your appointment. Our services include:

  • Floor cleaning: Every room will get vacuumed or mopped so that each room looks great.
  • Dusting: Our home cleaning professionals will dust surfaces in each room, including the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
  • Washing and sanitizing: Many surfaces, such as doorknobs and light switches, get touched a lot. We wash those areas with a sanitizing solution to fight the germs on them.
  • Scheduled services: Recurring or one-time cleanings are available. Choose weekly appointments, every two weeks, or every month to keep your home clean.
  • Customized cleaning: We tailor each cleaning plan for the customer to fit their needs, and we don’t have contracts.

If you’ve been searching for cleaning services near you in Sioux Falls, call Molly Maid to get a professional cleaning.

How Our Maid Service Works in Sioux Falls

When you want a pricing estimate for your cleaning, call Molly Maid of Sioux Falls. We’ll give you a free estimate either in your home or online. Every cleaning service appointment caters to your specific home and your cleaning needs. We give you a customized price that’s just for you. When it’s time for your appointment, we will be there on time and get started immediately. We’re here to give you exactly the cleaning you’re looking for. After the cleaning, you can review our work and let us know your thoughts. Millions of customers have relied on Molly Maid for their home cleaning, and we want you to be as satisfied as they are!

Common FAQs About Maid Cleaning Services in Sioux Falls

If you have any questions for us about our house cleaning services, we have the answers you’re looking for. See our Cleaning Service FAQs. And in between your cleaning appointments, see our home cleaning tips.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You certainly can! You can call us to cancel your appointment or reschedule it. Just call us 72 hours before the cleaning so we can change your appointment to meet your schedule.

What products do you use?

We arrive with all of the products we need to give you a thorough cleaning. But if you have preferences about what we use, we’d love to go over those products with you so that you get the cleaning you’re looking for.

What is your 24-hour warranty?

When you hire Molly Maid, you get our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which promises that we’ll come out again to clean if you find anything was missed. Just call within 24 business hours.

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We’ve been offering the best cleaning services since 1984. Contact us for your professional house cleaning services in Sioux Falls as well as around the country. Just give us a call to find out more or to get started.

Why Choose Molly Maid of Sioux Falls

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    Cleaning and sanitizing services.

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    Professional staff.

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    Customized cleaning plans.

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    24-hour warranty.

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    No contracts.

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    The Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

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Services We Provide

Our Approach: Custom Cleaning

Are you tired of struggling to keep up with cleaning your home amidst a busy schedule?

Look no further than Molly Maid's custom cleaning services. Our team understands that maintaining a well-cleaned home can be a challenge, especially when you have a packed calendar. That's why we offer custom cleaning services designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Awards and Accolades

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Our Cleaning Services

And Our Continued Commitment to You

Since 1984, customers have welcomed the trusted cleaning professionals from locally owned and operated Molly Maid businesses into their homes. We’ve provided cleaning services to over a million customers, and want you to know that you can continue to rely on us to go above and beyond to provide you with a worry-free, top-notch cleaning service every time.

Taking care of homes and those in them is what we do best. We firmly believe a healthy home is a clean home!

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