Enjoy Thorough Regular Cleaning Services in Portland, OR

Molly Maid of Portland Freshens Your Home’s Interior

Molly Maid of Portland provides detailed regular cleaning services in Portland, OR, and nearby areas. If you live in Happy Valley or Clackamas, OR, we will reach you with professional services to maintain a clean home. No matter the size of your living space or the amount of work needed, we are dedicated to lightening your load and upholding our positive reputation. Our experts are trained with high-quality skills to provide you with customer-focused care. Feel free to ask for an estimate when you need a helping hand. Contact us today for routine cleaning services.

What Do Our Regular Cleaning Services Include?

Our regular home cleaning service packages include a variety of choices to meet your preferences best and needs in Portland, Happy Valley, or Clackamas, OR. We offer weekly and monthly cleaning services depending on how frequently you desire us to maintain your home with tidy care. If you only wish for us to clean specific areas or rooms, we’ll only touch up the requested spots and leave the rest alone. Our team is trained and equipped with modern cleaning equipment to reach your home’s big and small spaces, no matter how complex your service is. If you are a resident in any of the following, we are happy to assist you:

What Are the Benefits of Maintaining a Tidy Home?

There are several benefits of maintaining a tidy home. If you are on the go, have kids and pets, or cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, we are readily available to help, no matter the reason or occasion. When you call us for service, we’ll coordinate to develop the best plan for your everyday cleaning needs. Consider the following benefits of choosing regular home cleaning services:

  • Save on Time: If your schedule is tight and you need a helping hand, we’ll assist you by saving time and lightening your list of chores and to-dos.  
  • Customize Your Plan: Our plans are customizable to meet your needs best. You’ll have the freedom to choose how often we come for service and what specific areas you wish for us to clean.
  • Health Benefits: When you have your home regularly cleaned, you’ll eliminate the amount of dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens that could be lurking around in your living space.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a clean home always feels good. Let us do the dirty work while you sit back, relax, and enjoy a tidy space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, we have an answer, so you know what to expect when scheduling a regular cleaning service with our crew. Here are the following frequently asked inquiries we receive:

    • What products do we use for our regular house cleaning services?
      • We use professional-grade products that are environmentally friendly for you and your family. Using chemicals in the house can create further health problems and allergens, so we keep your household safe with healthy products.
    • How much does a regular cleaning service cost?
      • Your regular cleaning service cost depends on several factors. This includes the size of your home, how often you wish for us to come out, and what you desire us to clean inside your living space specifically. However, you can request an estimate to plan ahead for scheduling with our team.

Schedule Your Cleaning Service with Us Today

Molly Maid of Central Portland is passionate about creating a welcoming and relaxing space to come home to after a long day on the job. You shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning your home’s interior after a day at work or before you head out for vacation. If you own an Airbnb, we also are happy to schedule routine services with you so you can focus on managing the property and letting us do the detailed work. Contact us today to request a quote and schedule an appointment.

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