Daily Cleaning Checklist

If you have a busy schedule, a daily cleaning routine is a secret weapon. Just 15 minutes a day can keep your home clean and tidy without getting behind at work, losing valuable time with your kids or spouse or having your weekend swallowed whole by built-up cleaning chores – no fun. Download our printable daily cleaning checklist PDF (298 kb).

Molly Maid Daily Cleaning ChecklistThink of this as preventative cleaning – a small time commitment to help you go even longer between cleaning sessions. The key here is to make this simple and easy. As the experts in home cleaning, we have compiled a quick to-do list of those frequent cleaning tasks, along with some clever hacks to save even more time! The goal here is to find a routine that spreads out the work and stick to it. Find what works best for you.

Daily Cleaning Hacks that Save Time

Here are a few cleaning habits and tips to streamline your cleaning routine.

  • Don't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Make the bed every morning.
  • Hang clothes you wore that day.
  • Empty the dishwasher while you brew coffee.
  • Clean the toilet/bathroom while older children are soaking in the tub (of course never leave young ones unattended).
  • Keep your bathrooms cleaner longer by keeping cleanup wipes in each bathroom. You can quickly wipe down counters and sinks after each use.
  • Clean the kitchen while your meal is cooking.
  • Enforce a "no shoes" rule to keep floors cleaner, longer.
  • Clean other areas of the house while clean products have a chance to soak in (sweep the floors while the degreaser soaks on the stovetop.
  • Keep hampers or laundry bins in each bedroom or install a laundry shoot.
  • Invest in a lightweight vacuum, robotic vacuum or spray mop for daily cleaning.
  • Cover couch cushions in matching blankets if prone to frequent spills and stains.
  • Keep clutter and extra appliances off kitchen counters so wiping down is simple and easy.
  • Teach toddlers and kids to put away toys in clearly marked bins at the end of every evening.
  • Take an extra minute in the shower to rinse down sides, shower seat, or squeegee the glass.
  • Keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water on the washing machine to clean up laundry soap spills.
  • Invest in a self-cleaning litter box.

Cleaning Checklist

Divvy up these frequent cleaning tasks between family members or different days of the week. It can be hard to stick to a rigid cleaning schedule, so just use this list to make sure you don't forget anything.

  1. Kitchen
    • Use a wet rag to wipe down problem spots on the floor that love to collect debris (the toe kick underneath the cabinets, or underneath the dinner table).
    • Fold and hang dish towels.
    • Organize the fridge/pantry and use this time to plan meals for the week.
    • Wipe down kitchen, dining and food prep surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner.
    • Load dishwasher.
    • Empty garbage.
    • Wipe down the microwave, crumb tray of toaster, etc.
    • Rinse the bottom of the sink, run the disposal.
    • Toss expired food.
  2. Living/Bedroom Areas
    • Tidy up the living room, fold blankets, stack books and magazines.
    • Dust the entertainment center.
    • Straighten pillows, blankets, couch cushions etc.
    • Organize clutter, sort mail and paperwork.
    • Do a load of laundry daily to prevent piles from building up.
    • Empty all the wastebaskets throughout the house.
    • Go throughout the house with a basket collecting items that don't belong and return them to the proper place.
    • Straighten up the mudroom and arrange boots and shoes.
  3. Bathrooms
    • Clean the sink, faucet and surfaces.
    • Give the toilet a quick scrub and wipe the exterior surfaces.
    • Clean the mirror.
    • Ring out wash cloths and bath toys, rinse tub.
    • Hang or fold towels.
  4. Misc.
    • Sweep or vacuum the floors throughout the house.
    • Mop the floors throughout the house.
    • Wipe down cell phones.
    • Tidy up the garage, the front porch, or pick up toys in the yard.
    • Clean litter boxes/pet areas.
    • Wipe down gym equipment.

Maybe one day of the week is dusting day, and the other is for vacuuming only? Be creative and find what works best for you. Just a few minutes a week can make the time between those cleans last even longer. We also know that some just don’t have the time to clean, or would rather be doing something else. We understand. That’s where Molly Maid can help. Learn more about our professional cleaning services by calling or scheduling a cleaning estimate online.

*This checklist is provided to help DIYers clean their own homes. It is not intended to reflect the steps taken by Molly Maid’s professional cleaning teams. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Services may vary by location.

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