Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Columbus, OH

Professional Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

If you want to lower your impact on the environment and still have a clean home, we can help you. We understand many cleaning products are harmful to the environment. Molly Maid of Columbus East offers eco-friendly house cleaning services in Columbus, OH. We customize our house cleaning services to meet your unique needs. We will discuss our cleaning products in detail with you, so you understand what we use to clean your home. We understand many people are against harsh chemicals but want their home to feel fresh. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly cleaning services.

Molly Maid professionals headed to an eco-friendly cleaning appointment.

Explaining Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services 

Our team cares about the environment and the cleanliness of your home. We know many of our customers want eco-friendly cleaning services and even restrict their home service professionals from using specific cleaning solutions in certain areas of their homes. Our company creates custom cleaning solutions around non-toxic cleaning practices. We want to keep your home safe while using effective cleaning practices. We can perform all our home cleaning services using unique eco-friendly cleaning products. We follow these guidelines when performing our eco-friendly cleaning services:

  • We reuse bottles to lower our impact on landfills.
  • Our team dilutes bleach to safe levels.
  • Our home service professionals reduce product waste.
  • We use non-toxic cleaning supplies as much as possible.
  • Our home service professionals optimize travel routes to maximize our driving efficiency.
  • We consult with you about the most effective ways to clean your home using eco-friendly products.
  • We do our best to avoid products with petroleum, ammonia, and alcohol.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

The most significant benefit of eco-friendly house cleaning services is that they help the ecosystem in your own neighborhood. Our environmentally friendly practices and products help protect your natural resources, your home, your family, and your planet. We understand many of our customers have concerns about chemical cleaning companies negatively impacting animals, water, plants, and soil around your home. Our team invests in environmentally friendly cleaning methods to give our customers peace of mind. Some of the many benefits of eco-friendly house cleaning services include the following:

  • We help lower the risk of harmful exposure to chemicals in your family.
  • Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions won’t negatively impact your area’s soil, plant lift, animals, and water sources.
  • Our cleaning products are highly effective at painting the surfaces in our home to help your family stay healthy.
  • We customize your eco-friendly house cleaning solutions to ensure we meet your needs.

A Truthful Approach to Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Some cleaning companies falsely advertise their eco-friendly cleaning services by pouring bleach into a recycled container. We provide an honest approach to using the perfect balance of eco-friendly products for cleaning your home. We help lower the carbon footprint of your home without falsely advertising our eco-friendly house cleaning services.

Why Trust Molly Maid of Columbus East?

Molly Maid of Columbus East always puts your cleaning needs first. We offer flexible scheduling and clean your home on your calendar. We provide one time, weekly, biweekly, and monthly services. Whether you need us to clean for a party or get rid of weekly dirt, we are here for you. Our team always customizes our cleaning practices for your household’s specific needs and preferences. If you aren’t happy with our services, we will return the next day to clean the area of concern. We always come to your home to offer estimates on our cleaning services.

Contact Us for Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning

Molly Maid of Columbus East sends friendly and experienced home service professionals to perform your eco-friendly cleaning services. We thoroughly clean your home to leave a tidy and fresh environment. You don’t need to be at home when we perform our eco-friendly cleaning services. You can enjoy opening the door to freshness. We know the best ways to clean and sanitize your home using eco-friendly cleaning products. Our team is always here to answer your questions about our cleaning practices and products. Contact us today to get an estimate on our professional eco-friendly cleaning services.

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