Move-In Cleaning Services in Austin, TX

Professionally Cleaning New Homes

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or home, starting a new chapter with a clean home is important. Molly Maid of Greater Austin provides professional move-in cleaning services in Austin, TX. Our customized cleaning services help you focus on moving into your space while we clean your home. Our home service professionals scrub, mop, clean, and wipe every inch of your new home. We can clean any type of home or apartment. Contact our team today to get an estimate on our professional house cleaning services. 

A Molly Maid professional wiping sink during a move in cleaning appointment

What Is a Move-In Cleaning Service? 

Move-in cleaning is a specialized type of cleaning service that prepares a new home or recently renovated space for habitation. We help eliminate contaminants that may be lurking in the spaces and crevices of your newly acquired property. Our move-in cleaning service process involves a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire property, including all surfaces, fixtures, appliances, and hard-to-reach areas. We vacuum your floors, clean the mirrors, and scrub all your plumbing fixtures. Our team customizes your cleaning plan to ensure we meet your home’s unique needs. 

Professional Move-In Cleaning Service Benefits

Moving into a new home can be an exciting and busy time. There are many things to consider and plan for, from packing and organizing to ensuring all the utilities are set up. With so much on your plate, cleaning your new home may not be at the top of your priority list. Some of the top benefits of hiring a professional move-in cleaning service include:

A Fresh Start in Your New Home

No matter how clean the previous owners or tenants left the place, there will always be some dirt and grime that can accumulate over time. A professional cleaning service ensures that every nook and cranny of your new home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Save Time and Energy

Moving can be an exhausting process, both physically and mentally. The last thing you want to do after a long day of packing and moving is to spend hours cleaning your new home. 

Professional Results

Professional move-in cleaning services have trained and experienced home service professionals who know exactly how to get your home sparkling clean. We have access to specialized equipment and high-quality cleaning products that can effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Every home is unique, and the cleaning needs may vary depending on factors like size, layout, and specific areas requiring extra attention. Our move-in cleaning services offer customized cleaning plans that cater to your specific needs and preferences. 

Why Choose Our Move-In Cleaning Service?

Molly Maid of Greater Austin is here for all your cleaning needs. If you love our move-in cleaning services, we are here for all other home cleaning needs. We also offer recurring, one-time, move-out, and special event cleaning services. We’ll gladly come to your home weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Our team provides high-quality move-in cleaning services for all your needs. Our cleaning is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise, which guarantees your happiness. If you aren’t satisfied with our cleaning, we will re-clean the area.

We Answer Frequently Asked Cleaning Questions 

We know you have cleaning options, so we want to be the local team you can trust. If you have questions about our cleaning services, we will always answer them. Below, we take the time to answer your most frequently asked questions about professional move-in cleaning services.

What type of cleaning products do you use?

Our company chooses eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce our environmental impact and keep your home safe. We always bring our own cleaning supplies and equipment. 

When you clean, do I need to be in my new home?

No, we never ask that you stay home when we clean. Our home service professionals are background-checked for your peace of mind. 

What is the cost of move-in cleaning? 

We can come to your space to offer an estimate on any of our cleaning services. Our pricing is based on the size of your new home and the scope of the job.

Contact Molly Maid of Greater Austin

Molly Maid of Greater Austin helps you open a new chapter to freshness. We want you to walk into your new home, and enjoy the view. Our home service professionals ensure your new space is fresh and tidy. Contact us today to get an estimate on our professional move-in house cleaning services. 

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