How to Organize Your Closet

Finding the right clothes in your closet can quickly become a game of hide and seek. If you find yourself rummaging around your closet looking for an outfit or a pair shoes, then it’s time to reconsider your organization strategy—or lack thereof! Whip your closet into shape with these practical and helpful closet organization tips.

Closet Organization Tips

Looking for the best way to organize a closet? Not all closets are created equal. Since everyone’s closet has a different layout, size and carrying capacity, every closet organization strategy is different. Let these tips inspire some other creative closet solutions.

  • Use storage crates that stack to take advantage of vertical space.
  • Install more than one closet rod to double (or triple!) your clothes hanging space.
  • Install hooks on closet doors or a shoe organizer to take advantage of wasted space.
  • Never overlook the space behind a closet door if the door stays open all the time.

Clear Out Your Closet

If you’re short on space, don’t use the closet for items that don’t belong there. Is your winter jacket hanging next to your swimsuit? Create more space by storing out-of-season clothes in bins or plastic bags in the attic or basement. The same goes for boots and shoes that are season-specific. Sports gear, photo albums and electronics belong in the garage, basement or attic.

It’s a good idea to take some time at least every six months to clear out and donate the items in your closet that you no longer want. This is a great way to clear out more space and make way for better organization.

Closet Shelving

If you don’t already have a set of shelves in your closet, this is a wise investment. Shelves help you sort and organize clothing and eliminate clutter. Shelves can be as simple as an old book case or using drywall studs to hang brackets for wire shelving. Using vertical shelf separators helps keep items stacked and organized.

Peg board, normally used to organize tools in the garage, can also be used to organize handbags, jewelry and more on hooks. Paint it a color of your choice, and hang it in the closet or behind the closet door. Under-shelf baskets that hang under existing shelves are also smart space-saving solutions.

Hankering for Hangers

Short on space for hanging clothes? Switching to thinner plastic hangers can create valuable space on a closet rod. The tradeoff is the hangers aren’t as durable, but at least they’re less expensive than thick hangers. Use your hangers more often to have better room organization overall! Hanging up the clothes you wore that day is a hard habit to get into but well worth it. If you’re still finding your clothes in a heap on the floor, install a few hooks somewhere that’s super convenient.

Bedroom Organization Tips

Now that your closet is clean and organized, it’s time to tackle the rest of your bedroom. Head on over to Molly Maid’s bedroom cleaning page to learn how to clean your mattress, pillows and more. Although we don’t offer closet organization services, we do offer custom house cleaning plans.

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