3 Time-Saving Moving Tips

In terms of life-events, moving is one of the top five. Make your move feel like an exciting adventure with Molly Maid's moving tips.women with moving boxes

  1. Give yourself 60 days. Write a week-by-week checklist and avoid any last-minute missteps. If possible, start 60 days before your move. The tasks you accomplish further from moving day may seem trivial now, but remember that your time will be at a premium on the days right before your move.
  2. Develop your own packing system. Making sure that all of your boxes end up in the right rooms at your new place will save you a lot of time. A simple way to make your own custom packing system is to purchase magic markers and create a color code for each room in your new home. Then on moving day, draw a floor plan of your home and label each room with the appropriate color. It's also helpful to number your boxes and create a category list of what's in each box, so you know which number to look for when looking for an item.
  3. Work in an empty room. Have the house cleaned, painted and make other improvements to your new home while it's still empty. This may not always be possible, but it is considerably easier to accomplish these tasks before you move in all of your belongings.

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