3 Ways to Spend Less Time Running Errands

You can spend more than half of your free time out running errands. Take back your free time (and your gas money) and complete your errands more efficiently with these three easy tips:woman smiling looking out a car window

  1. Schedule one day a week to run errands. Avoid running out of the house every day to do errands, this can take away time you could be using for other activities. Instead, create a list of all your errands and complete them all on the designated day. Doing so will open up the rest of your week's schedule.
  2. Map it out. By mapping out your errands for efficient driving before leaving your home, you will save time, gas and energy. If possible, coordinate your errands with your spouse or significant other. Working together to complete your list is a great way to save hours each week.
  3. Go online. Whether you're paying bills, getting photos printed, renting a movie or shopping for clothes, there are a number of online services that can save you time.

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