Cleaning Tips for Kids

Kids can be a critical part of the home cleaning solution. As a trusted maid service, Molly Maid knows that kids play a vital role in keeping up home cleanliness in between visits from Molly Maid residential housekeepers. Watch this video to learn how to get kids involved in the cleaning process.

How it's done: It’s important to get kids involved in home cleaning from an early age to build healthy habits in their futures, but it’s also a good idea to reward them. When a child completes a cleaning chore to their parents’ satisfaction, it’s appropriate to give them small amounts of money or time doing one of their favorite hobbies. This will allow them to see the positive rewards of cleaning from an early age.

Some kids will also greatly benefit from establishing a set list of cleaning expectations provided to them by their parents. This will communicate to children exactly what is expected.

Want to read more? Molly Maid has several other tips to get children involved in cleaning their room.

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