How To Clean a Flat Screen

While flat-screen TVs offer optimal definition for the best viewing possible, and they take up a fraction of the space their older counterparts did, they do require specific care when it comes to cleaning. Due to the way these screens are made, some cleaning products and processes can ruin the pixels and leave black spots on the screen. Follow these instructions to simply and safely clean your flat-screen TV.

How to Clean a Flat Screen

  1. First, make sure the monitor is off. Not only is this safer for the electronics, but the dirty spots are much easier to see while the screen is dark!
  2. Use a duster to gently remove any buildup on the screen, the top of the TV and any other nooks and crannies where dust might have collected.
  3. Gently wipe the screen with a dry, soft cloth. We recommend using a lint-free microfiber cloth for cleaning your TV. Don’t try to muscle out any spots! Pressing too hard on your screen can ruin it, so being gentle really is important.
  4. Make a cleaning solution by mixing together equal parts water and vinegar.
  5. Dampen the cloth in the cleaning solution so that it is just damp, not wet. Wipe the screen with the cloth, letting the solution do the work of cleaning any particularly dirty spots so you don’t have to press on the screen.
  6. Wipe the screen one last time with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any excess cleaning solution.

Now plop down on the couch and get back to binging on your favorite show!

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