5 Perfect Gifts for New Homeowners

We often want to purchase housewarming gifts for friends or family who have recently moved into a new home but deciding what to buy can be a challenge. Will someone else buy the same thing? Do they already have this? Will this gift be just another knickknack they don’t know what to do with?

The team at Molly Maid came up with these five perfect housewarming gifts that we’re willing to bet anyone will be excited to receive, even if someone else gifts them the same thing.

  • Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Delivery Joint or a Local Restaurant

Getting food on the table can be a challenge the first week or so in a new home. The kitchen tools probably haven’t been unpacked and the pantry definitely isn’t stocked yet. Gift the new homeowners in your life a gift certificate for their favorite delivery joint so they can order food when unpacking. If they’re in a new city or neighborhood, try a gift certificate for a neighborhood restaurant with good reviews to encourage them to take a break and explore their new neighborhood or town!

  • Fresh Flowers and Wine

Wine is a classic housewarming gift, and there’s no harm in helping new homeowners stock up their wine cellar in the new home. Pair a nice bottle or two with some fresh flowers to brighten up their new space while they might not have gotten around to hanging up the art just yet. Be sure to gift the flowers in a vase in case theirs are still packed away!

  • Local Goodies From Their New Neighborhood or City

Looking for a gift for someone who recently moved to a new city? Find a local business that delivers gift baskets piled high with local goodies. This will help them get to know some of the local businesses that make their new home unique.

  • Meal Kit Delivery

The first few months in a new home are always busy so consider gifting a few deliveries from a meal kit service to arrive after they’ve unpacked the kitchen but are still settling into the new space. There are plenty of businesses to choose from depending on the type of food the people you’re purchasing for enjoy!

  • Molly Maid Gift Certificate

With a new space to call their own, new homeowners will likely want to keep that space clean. But with boxes to unload, addresses to change, intricacies of a new home to figure out, and so much more – cleaning can be a tricky thing to find time for. Let your friends or family spend their time settling into the new home, not keeping it clean, with a gift certificate from Molly Maid!

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