Decluttering Checklist

All it takes to create visual chaos in an otherwise clean home is a few blankets, scattered papers, and maybe a pile of shoes by the door. The good news is that a quick round of decluttering is enough to make your home clean and comfortable again. Declutter fast—and stay organized—with this decluttering house checklist.

Download our printable decluttering house checklist PDF (403 kb) today!

Molly Maid Decluttering ChecklistDecluttering Tips

  • Start in one room and stay there until you’re finished. Put the items you find in that room that don’t belong there in a laundry basket. Carry that laundry basket room to room, collecting everything that belongs elsewhere. Once you’re done decluttering, return everything in the laundry basket to its proper place.
  • Keep a damp rag to wipe up any dust bunnies (Save vacuuming for later).
  • Reduce and recycle: Periodically collect items you no longer need and put them in the recycling, trash or earmark them for donation to charity organizations like Goodwill. Less stuff = less clutter.
  • Keep a small trash or recycling bin in each room to encourage tossing items right away.
  • Keep seasonal items (grilling tools, snow gear, etc.) all in one spot.
  • Buy a labeler! When things have a proper place, there tends to be less clutter.
  • Make use of over-the-door storage, hooks and vertical space – this real estate is way underutilized.

How to Declutter Your Kitchen

  • Paper seems to pile up in the kitchen. Keep one spot for mail, bills, etc. Consolidate piles. Once a week, sort through the pile and throw away, shred or file mail, bills, etc.
  • If using the top of the refrigerator for storage, relocate those items somewhere else. The visual improvement is noticeable right away.
  • For deep clutter removal, check expiration dates on perishable items in the fridge, pantry and cabinets.
  • Consolidate or dispose of old cleaning products kept under the kitchen sink. And keep all cleaning products inside a cleaning bucket—no need to go through multiple cabinets looking for just the right products; just grab the whole bucket and go!
  • Limit yourself to just three magnets on the fridge—too many papers and notes will be visually overwhelming. Better yet, use a magnetized fridge file organizer and limit papers to what fits inside.
  • Organize kitchen drawers by category (baking supplies, utensils, spices, etc.).
  • Use twist ties to keep rubber bands organized and easy to grab.
  • Install hooks inside cabinet doors to hang measuring cups, spoons and even pots and pans.
  • Use a recycled cleaning wipe container to store plastic bags—keep one near the door so you’ll remember to grab a few when taking Fido out for a walk.

How to Declutter Your Bathrooms

  • Reducing clutter on the sink counter will go a long way, fast. Return toiletries, colognes, polishes, haircare products, moisturizers, hair brushes, etc. to the medicine cabinet or drawers.
  • Fold towels, straighten bath mats and hit the mirror with a quick spray of glass cleaner.
  • Install a magnetic strip inside of the medicine cabinet door to keep bobby pins all in one place.
  • Keep a hamper in the bathroom—the temptation to toss dirty clothes and towels on the floor will be easier to resist.

Declutter Your Living Room/Family Room

  • Stack/straighten books and magazines on the coffee table (keep only the ones you will likely read!).
  • Consolidate items that stay in the living room into a bin or basket (toys, games, extra blankets, etc.).
  • Why does dust like these rooms the best? Consider a quick wipe down of coffee and end tables.

How to Declutter Your Closets

  • Pro-tip: Turn all your hanging clothes 180 degrees around so they hang backward. After six months, all the clothes you wore will be hanging correctly. This tells you which clothes to consider donating!
  • Take a visual inventory. Do any items belong earmarked for basement storage or donation?
  • Organize clothes, footwear and gear by season, and store what you don’t need in the basement. If your closet is overrun with boots and shoes, consider adding a large basket to keep them contained.

How to Declutter Your Home Office

  • Organize loose cords with zip ties. No zip ties? Twisty ties also work great.
  • Straighten books, and put loose desk items in drawers.
  • Categorize desk drawers with similar items (and don’t be afraid to reassess their location).
  • Resist tossing loose items in a drawer by using small cardboard boxes as drawer organizers.

How to Declutter Your Bedrooms

  • Utilize under-the-bed space—keep out-of-season clothes and shoes, extra blankets, and linens in storage containers.
  • Throw dirty laundry in the laundry hamper.
  • Keep a jar in your top dresser drawer to collect pocket change.
  • Toss old receipts and pocket scraps into the waste bin.

Although Molly Maid doesn’t offer decluttering services, we are experts in thorough cleaning that makes your home feel fresh and clean. Contact your local Molly Maid to discuss a custom cleaning plan that meets your specific cleaning needs, budget and schedule. There’s nothing quite like coming home to a clean home.

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