How to Get Kids Involved with Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great tradition. But is it a family tradition that includes the kids? In this video, Molly Maid of La Verne franchise owner Steve Chaput appears on KCAL-TV-Los Angeles to share the tips you need to help involve children in cleaning rituals.

How It's Done

To create a culture where participation is expected, start early: ages 3–5 are good to start setting the precedent. Children this age are motivated by fun, so use these tips to get kids involved:

  • Show them how to "slam dunk" dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Pump up the volume on some of their favorite music.
  • Let them put stickers on a chore chart as a reward for finishing small chores.
  • Make re-arranging their room a part of the cleanup so they can get excited about their new surroundings.

Because older kids are more likely to be motivated by rewards, get them engaged by tying the completion of chores to their allowance. Or allow them to name their own reward, which doesn't even have to be monetary: a later bedtime once a week, for example, might provide enthusiastic buy-in. Find out what motivates them, and you might be surprised how your kids start to help with cleaning chores.

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