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Molly Maid is the most well-known, trusted name in home cleaning services. Since 1984 we've performed house cleaning services according to the wishes of our clients.

Regular Cleaning

We offer regular visits from our residential housekeepers to proactively reduce allergens, bacteria, and of course, homeowner stress.
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Occasional Cleaning

We also design packages based on your unique cleaning preferences, schedule and budget. No contracts. No hassle.
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Moving Out & Moving In Cleaning

Our maids offer flexible move in and move out cleaning services to ease the transition to your new home or apartment.
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What's Included

Our cleaning services include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and laundry rooms. Have special cleaning instructions? No problem!
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What to Expect

Not home? No problem! Our cleaning team will dust, vacuum and scrub while you're out enjoying some free time.
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Gift Certificates

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Birthday or simply Thank You! - A house cleaning gift certificate is the perfect gift for any occasion.
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