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07162015 Shelley Microwave

Clean Your Microwave With Lemon & Vinegar

The microwave is the kitchen’s epitome of our “want it now” society! We want our internet to download fast, our DVR to fast forward through commercials faster and that cold pizza piping hot the fastest of them all! Fast heating is great until you notice that members of your household have reheated so many leftovers in such a hurry, that no one has taken the time to wipe down or deodorize the microwave!

For baked-on spaghetti sauce splatters that look like they will need a powerwasher to remove, never fear, Molly Maid’s microwave cleaning tips are here! Now, slow down for a moment and read these five tips to get your sonic speed kitchen appliance looking and smelly great again:

  • Fill a small glass bowl with water and place on the microwave turntable.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon into the bowl for a clean summer scent.
  • Close the door and let the microwave run on high for two minutes.
  • When the cycle ends, remove the bowl and the turntable and make sure not to burn yourself as the bowl’s contents will be hot.
  • With a clean microfiber cloth, dampen with water and white distilled vinegar and wipe away any residue from those pesky reheating spills.

The lemon will deodorize and the vinegar and microfiber cloth will remove the bacteria-building food particles that have generated. This microwave cleaning tip is easy, green and takes less than five minutes to complete! Check it off your To Do list and add it your on-going cleaning reminders at least once a month. Investing in a microwave-safe food cover can also save you some cleaning time and those lids are also dishwasher safe making them easy to toss in with plates and bowls once a week.

Still need help cleaning your kitchen? No problem! Combine these tips withMolly Maid’s cleaning service to ensure a fresh smelling home. Request an estimate from your local Molly Maid or call 888-583-6490!