Molly Maid’s Holiday Cleaning Tips

Two local ABC News anchors sitting in blue chairs on news set in front of TV screen that says '5 Days of Cleaning'

Molly Maid franchise owners have been out sharing their secrets to prepare homes for incoming guests and holiday time visitors! Las Vegas Franchisee Kate Donnelly just appeared on the ABC affiliate in her market to discuss the five day countdown to cleaning your home.

First day: Porch, foyer, entryway and central closet
Concentrate on clearing up and organizing clutter. Wipe clean glass doors, light fixtures and doorways and knobs. Vacuum or sweep floor, mop if necessary.

Second day: Bedrooms, Hallways, Stairs
Dust top to bottom including ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents, nooks and crannies. Wipe down doorways, furniture, and knickknacks. Vacuum floor especially under the bed, along the baseboards and under the furniture. Mop floor if necessary. Lay out fresh linens and towels in the guest bedroom(s).

Third day: Bathrooms
Dust top to bottom including light fixtures and vents. Disinfect toilet, tub, shower, bathroom surfaces. Wipe clean cabinets, doorway(s) and knickknacks. Wipe clean sink, mirror. Vacuum and mop. Replace shower liner(s).

Fourth day: Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Great Room
Dust top to bottom including ceiling fans, light fixtures and vents. Wipe clean doorways mantels, furniture, inside and out of cabinets and knickknacks. Vacuum furniture, along baseboards and under furniture. Mop if necessary.

Fifth day: Kitchen
Dust top to bottom including ceiling fans, light fixtures and vents. Wipe clean stove, fridge, microwave, small appliances cabinets, counters and sink. Wipe clean cabinets, islands, racks. Vacuum and mop the floor.

“Everyone is crunched for time these days and spending 10 hours cleaning your house at the last-minute is no way to start off the Christmas holiday,” said Kristi Mailloux, President of Molly Maid, Inc. “By breaking down the household tasks into five easy days, the holidays will be a little less stressful for everyone.”

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