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How to Maximize Your Closet Space

The Happiness Project BookIn Gretchen Rubin’s New York Times Bestseller, The Happiness Project, Chapter 1 addresses improvements to “Boost Energy.” One of her challenges to the pursuit of happiness is clearing clutter by organizing her closets! The act of tossing out and giving away unworn items gave Rubin an immediate jolt and she continued on to junk drawers, bookshelves and hot spots like the dining room table to eliminate stress. If you haven’t read her tips for enjoying life more, check out The Happiness Project Link opens in a new tab’s website and sign up to receive daily quotations to improve your smile quotient.

After removing all those unused items, you’re ready to display, store and simplify the clothing, accessories and purses to make you feel your best.

Corral the Clothes

Use hangers in one color for your items and another color for anyone else lucky enough to share space in this important place! Next, use five-tier hangers for pants. Even though there’s less in there, make the most of the real estate. Lastly, lose the step ladder to reach those sweaters, sweatshirts and layering tops. For less than $17, you can purchase a multiple-level organizer Link opens in a new tab to neatly stack those items!

Purses on Display

The Hanging Handbag Organizer Link opens in a new tab from is an inexpensive tool to get your purses off a shelf in your closet and put them on display on the back of the door. This trick helps you to see your options, which invites you to switch up your purse much more often or could prevent you from buying a third or fourth black, leather bag!

Awesome Accessories

Accessories are the easiest way to add oomph to your outfits. Place belts, scarves and men’s ties on this unique organizer from IKEA Link opens in a new tab to keep them tangle free and make Monday mornings a snap!

What do you think of our closet organization tips? Share your questions and ideas in our Comments section.