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magazine page that says gift guide for dads with a puppy on it

Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again to find the perfect gift for dear ol’ dad. Well we’ve scoured the internet and found our top five favorite gifts for pops. Do you have any great Father’s Day gift ideas? Share them in the comments section below.

Best Friend Bow Tie. We all know dad loves his four-legged best friend. Why not give pops a gift to share with Fido?

Tool Pens. Make dad out to be a manly man at the office with these cool tool pens. They’re also perfect for around the garage.

whiskey stones

Whiskey Stones. Keep dad’s favorite adult beverage ice-cold this summer with Whiskey Stones! It won’t dilute dad’s drink like ice tends to do. It’s great for non-alcoholic drinks too.

faucet light with red and blue LEDs

LED Faucet Lights. Dad’s recliner will no longer be his favorite place in the house once you install these LED Faucet Lights into the bathroom and kitchen.

hammock on lawn

Zero Gravity Hammock. After mowing the lawn, reward dear ol’ dad with a nap in his new Zero Gravity Hammock from Sharper Image.