Top 6 Tips to Get (and Keep) Sand Out of Your Car

Kids building a sandcastle on the beach with the ocean and a few people in the water in the background
Ahhhh, the beach. There’s really no place like it: hot sun, snacks, cold beverages, sunscreen, volleyball, warm sand — and that refreshing dip in the cool water. However, one thing most folks can do without is all the sand that’s left behind in the car after a day at the beach. It gets everywhere — in places you didn’t even know existed! Even after you clean out the car, sand can be ever present. Well, you’re in luck. Here are a six top tips to get (and keep) sand out of your car this summer.

  1. Shake it out. Vigorously shake out all towels and/or beach blankets. Also, be sure to shake out your hair while massaging your scalp. This will help get sand that’s caught in your new sun-bleached hairdo.
  2. Chairs rule. Opt for sitting in a chair as opposed to laying on a towel in the sand. This will help keep the sand count down. And be sure to towel off after every dip. Sand won’t collect as easily on you if you’re dry.
  3. Rinse and repeat. Rinse off all beach toys. And if it’s light enough, try to dip the bottom of the cooler off in the water before putting it in your car. Cooler bottoms are notorious for being sandy. If there is a public faucet, rinse yourself and fellow beach goers before heading home.
  4. Don’t forget to brush. An old, large makeup brush can help get sand off your feet and hands before you jump in the car to head home.
  5. Cover it up. Put an old sheet or blanket in the backseat and trunk of your car. This will help collect sand that falls during the transport back home. Carefully remove the sheet/blanket once you’ve unpacked the car and follow step #1.
  6. Corn starch. Generously apply cornstarch to sandy feet, hands, limbs, and so forth. Gently rub the cornstarch and use your hands or a small towel to remove both the sand and the starch.

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