Cleaning with Kids: Chores, Charts and Fun Ideas for a Clean Home

Mother at home doing chores with her children

By the time your kids leave home, whether to live at college or in a first apartment, you want them to be self-sufficient and responsible adults. Teaching them how to take care of their space and belongings at a young age gives you the best possible chance for making that happen. We have run more than a few articles on kid-friendly house cleaning and care, and we offer them to you again in this roundup.

Free, Printable Chore Charts

Our downloadable chore charts come in pink, blue, and blank in both colors. The pink and blue versions include the same chores already filled in for you. The blank charts allow you and your child to come up with the list of chores together. Each chart includes a space for noting completion, which you can fill with a simple check or a colorful sticker. Get the free, printable kid chore charts.

Pink Chore Chart PDF (186 KB) | Blue Chore Chart (185 KB) | Pink Chart (Blank) (184 KB) | Blue Chart (Blank) (184 KB)

Cleaning: A Family Affair

Learn how to make cleaning a family activity that includes prizes, which are always helpful as incentive to help around the house. Kids can begin tackling basic cleaning tasks at a young age, graduating to more adult jobs as they get older and taller, such as vacuuming. Read more about cleaning as a family.

Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

We offer expert tips on how to motivate the youngest cleaners in your family, from providing a danceable soundtrack during chores to involving them in the decorating process, therefore investing them in the upkeep. Having fun turns cleaning from a chore into a family activity. Get the tips for making cleaning fun.

Stay Clean & Organized with Help from the Kids

Teach your kids the five steps that make cleaning and keeping their room organized easy. Having a system allows you to move through the tasks quickly and efficiently as a team. What kid doesn’t have fun with an expendable duster? Or a vacuum cleaner, for that matter? Learn the steps for cleaning with kids.

Company’s Coming

Few families have a company-ready house at all times. This article teaches you how to quickly — as in 15 minutes quickly — prepare your messy home for unexpected guests with help from the entire family, including the kids! Get the tips for making your home company ready in no time.

Get Your Kids Involved in Cleaning

In this video, Molly Maid’s own Professor M talks more about involving kids in cleaning as a way to bond and reward your youngest family members. The family that cleans together, after all, is spending time together. Watch the video:

Using these tools and tips can turn cleaning into an activity that your family can do together and even enjoy. Molly Maid offers a wide range of cleaning services to take tasks off your hands, but tidying up between visits from us makes your home a more comfortable and relaxing place to spend your precious free time together as a family. And that proves the best reward of all for cleaning.