Father’s Day: 5 Meaningful Gifts to Show Dad You Care

homemade Father's Day card

Are you one of millions of Americans with a father? If you are, you’re probably aware that Father’s Day is coming up. Instead of wading through the endless sea of mass-produced sentiments, why not show up with a heartfelt gift of sincerity. In honor of all the wonderful fathers out there, we have accumulated a list of our top-five favorite thoughtful Father’s Day gifts:

Card of appreciation: Instead of new golf clubs or cuff-links, take a few minutes to personally address all things you love and adore about your dad. We have included a whimsical idea for a homemade Father’s Day card (see below). Creating fun homemade cards is an interactive way to get kids of all ages involved in this day of gratitude.

Personal contract: Although it might seem silly to create a contract with your dad, there is always room for improvement in personal relationships. Manually and consciously noting these areas and documenting an agreement will show your Dad how much you value the relationship.

Meetings: With seemingly endless to-do lists and everyday obligations, family time can get put on the backburner. Scheduling “meetings” with your dad throughout the next year ensures quality time together. Whether it’s a Saturday morning golf session or watching the game together at the pub, set a few “appointments” to be together. This will give your dad a gift he constantly gets to look forward to.

Do a project together: Dads always seem to have home projects that need to be done. With your help and initiative, dad can finally have a stress-free Father’s Day with one less project on his to-do list. If you aren’t particularly “handy,” consider hiring a local handyman for your home repairs. That will help with dad’s to-do list!

The gift of clean: What’s better than a clean place for your dad to enjoy his special day? Give your father a freshly cleaned man cave — but don’t worry, it will still be just as manly without the dust. If you’re like many, the best gifts are the ones that are stress free. If you don’t feel like doing the dirty work yourself, Molly Maid would be happy to help!

Don’t let the stress of gift giving take away from this special day. Although every day of the year doesn’t require sentiment and thoughtfulness (although it should!), giving our fathers one day out of the year is the least we can do. And with our list of thoughtful Father’s Day ideas, we hope you can enjoy giving a gift as much as he will enjoy receiving it.