Remove Stains | Great Tips to Get Wine, Coffee and Oil Stains Out!

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Stains happen, but they need not ruin your clothing and other items. You just need to know the simple tricks to getting them out. Use these tips to remove wine, coffee and oil stains.

Getting Wine Stains Out

Plenty of products say they remove wine stains, but two — one commercial, the other a home remedy — really do work. Wine Away, available from brick-and-mortar and online retailers, has gotten rave reviews from Good Housekeeping, Food & Wine and other in-the-know sources. It removes not only wine but also coffee, blood, ink, fruit punch, sauces, red medicine, and even stains from pet accidents from fabric and carpet. And because it contains only fruit and vegetable extracts, it offers a nontoxic solution. Apply according to instructions for the type of material.

Salt also serves as a nontoxic solution. Simply flush the stain with cold water, then blot the stain with a white cleaning cloth to soak up any remaining wine. Sprinkle salt onto the stain, then wait three minutes before rinsing again with cold water and rubbing the stain. Repeat until stain lifts completely. Finally, launder per usual or with carpet, vacuum to restore fluff.

How to Remove Coffee Stains

Who hasn’t spilled coffee down the front of their shirt? When it happens, remove the shirt and blot the stain with a white cleaning cloth to remove as much liquid as possible. Then rinse the stain with cold water. Mix a paste of powdered laundry detergent, cold water and distilled white vinegar until it reaches the consistency of toothpaste. Spread on both sides, then wait five minutes. Rub both sides with a small brush in a circular motion, then rinse with cold water. Pretreat with laundry detergent before washing per usual. The paste can also be used on carpet. Just swap in a carpet cleaner for laundry detergent in the final step.

Removing Oil Stains

You have many options when needing to remove an oil stain. Cornstarch allowed to sit for an hour will soak up the oil, then work a little dish soap into the stain with your fingers or a brush. Hair spray and WD-40 also work well if you coat the stain, let sit and then clean per usual. If you prefer a commercial cleaner, products such as waterless mechanic’s soap work well. Use per instructions on the product.

With all of these tips, follow these guidelines for best results:

  • Treat the stain as soon as possible. The longer you give it to set, the more difficult it will be to get out.
  • Always blot initially, as rubbing will spread the stain.
  • If removing a stain from an expensive or irreplaceable item, perform a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area before treating the stain.
  • Never dry an item before the stain has lifted.
  • Don’t be afraid to call a professional. Dry cleaners and cleaning services can work wonders on stains.

More Stain Removal Tips

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