Countdown to Christmas Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning supplies in living room with Christmas decorations

Molly Maid has cleaned thousands of homes throughout North America, and a trend runs across the hundreds of locations we serve: increased calls during the holidays. The reason, of course, is that so many of us are entertaining family and friends during the holidays—and we want our homes to look their best. So, when the holiday season, and all that comes with it, starts to feel a little overwhelming, it’s comforting to know homeowners can count on Molly Maid to meet their unique house cleaning needs. To help you enjoy an organized Christmas and clean home this season, we've developed a Christmas cleaning schedule to help make life a little easier.

Life is busy, and even more so around the holidays, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the shopping, planning, cooking, and Christmas cleaning. Instead of running yourself ragged this year, our Christmas cleaning schedule will make this time of year more manageable, so that you can enjoy an organized Christmas holiday. The best part of our plan is that it takes the worry, stress, and urgency out of getting your home ready for holiday guests. Following this week-by-week cleaning and organizing schedule will make this holiday much more relaxing and fun for everyone!

Weekly Cleaning for an Organized Christmas

Whether you need to clean your home for the holidays or any other time, a home cleaning checklist is a lifesaver. Instead of going back and forth from area to area, hoping you don't miss anything, you can use a proven strategy from the cleaning pros. The key to managing your time this holiday season is to start early, and our week-by-week cleaning countdown checklist is the perfect starting point.

Starting about three weeks before Christmas right up to the holiday itself, you'll have plenty of time to get everything ready. However, if you don't get an early enough start on your Christmas cleaning schedule, there are a few tips and tricks for cleaning quickly that will save you some valuable time. Whether you start weeks or days before Christmas, you can use this quick Christmas cleaning checklist to spruce up each room.

Three Weeks Before Christmas

Starting your holiday cleaning three weeks before Christmas may seem a little too early, but we all know how the holidays can sneak up on us. These initial steps will provide the groundwork for an organized Christmas and clean home. 

Purge your food cabinets and pantry.
Remove everything from the pantry and get rid of anything that's expired. Guests discovering you have expired food, or worse, can be embarrassing for everyone. So spare everyone the awkward moment and throw it away now! Then, wipe down the shelves and put the remaining items back in an organized way. Make a shopping list and gather what you'll need for holiday cooking and snacks. Adding a few of your guest’s favorite foods and snacks is a great way to make them feel welcome.

Stock up on cleaning supplies.
While shopping for groceries before the holidays, stock up on cleaning products like glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and furniture polish. You may need cleaning cloths, mop heads, and other cleaning supplies, so check your home inventory and add them to your shopping list.

Prepare your holiday dining supplies.
If you have special holiday dishes, place settings, and serveware you like to use at Christmas, now is the time to dig them out. Ensure you have enough plates, utensils, and glassware, and wash and dry them if needed. Check that your placemats and tablecloth are fresh and clean, and put your silverware and serveware in a convenient place.

Two Weeks Before Christmas

With only two weeks to go until Christmas, you may be feeling more pressure to get everything done ASAP. A sense of urgency can be helpful, but stressful. However, when you stick to our proven Christmas cleaning schedule, you can get your home ready without stressing out. Phase two is all about the kitchen with a little bit of guest prep thrown in, so let's get started.

Clean out the refrigerator.
Remove everything from your fridge, including the shelves and drawers. Clean out the inside of the refrigerator, wash and dry the shelves and drawers, and put everything back together. Purge outdated items, take a quick inventory, and restock the fridge (remember those snacks and treats for guests). Group ingredients you'll need for Christmas meals in a convenient area, and list items you're missing.

Give the kitchen floors a deep clean.
We know you'll need to sweep and mop again later, but giving your kitchen floors a thorough cleaning ahead of time makes sprucing up so much easier. Sweep the floor and get in the corners and beside and underneath appliances where you can. Mop, wash, or polish when applicable.

Get your oven holiday ready.
The only thing you want your holiday guests to smell is the irresistible aroma of your cooking, not oven grease and grime. So pull out the racks, and give them a good scrubbing in the kitchen sink. Clean the stovetop and oven inside and out, including the door. Once everything is dry, put it all back together.

Make your guest bedrooms comfy and inviting.
If you're having overnight guests for the holidays, you'll need hand and bath towels at the ready and fresh sheets on the bed. Dust pictures, shelves, and other surfaces working from the top down. Vacuum or sweep the bedroom floor, and place a diffuser filled with holiday scents by the bed for a cozy reception. A mint on the pillow is a nice touch and may even get you that five-star rating you desire.

One Week Before Christmas

Do a walk-through, and note any areas that need a little cleaning or decluttering. The final days of your Christmas cleaning countdown are about setting the stage for a joyous, low-stress holiday. Knock out the following cleaning chores and any others you've noted during your walk-through, and you can cruise into Christmas with an empty to-do list!

Gear up your kitchen for Christmas cooking.
Clear the clutter from the kitchen counters, including small appliances you won't use so you have room for holiday snacks and meals. Double-check your holiday menu and make sure you have everything you need.

Give your bathroom(s) a final cleaning.
Clean your bathroom(s) and restock toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, washcloths, and towels. Make sure your guests have access to a blowdryer and make some space for them in a cabinet or on a countertop to place personal items, especially for guests who are spending a few nights. Use an essential oil diffuser or similar device to keep your bathroom(s) fresh and festive with holiday aromas.

Give your guest bedroom(s) a final cleaning.
Clean your guest bedroom(s) and ensure plenty of pillows and warm blankets are available (if you live in a cold environment). An essential oil diffuser or similar device in the bedroom can add some fresh and festive holiday aromas. Finally, putting a nightlight in the hallway or a small flashlight on the nightstand will help guests find their way to the bathroom if they get up during the night in unfamiliar surroundings.

Make space to create a relaxing environment.
Declutter the living room and den, but leave a few throws and pillows within easy reach for your family and guests. Add or remove chairs and other furniture to accommodate your extra guests.

Need Help for a Cleaner, More Organized Christmas?

Not everyone has the time or inclination to handle Christmas cleaning, so it's good to know that your local Molly Maid is standing by to help make your holiday less hectic. If you want to skip the DIY cleaning, you can count on us to get your home beautifully clean and guests ready, just the way you want—we promise! Get your customized cleaning quote today, and find out how Molly Maid can make the holidays and your life a lot easier all year long.