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Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

According to think with Google’s Advent-ageous calendar, online searches for gift ideas for dad and gift ideas for mom peak a few days before Christmas. That got Molly Maid thinking about holiday gifts and we created a “hits and misses survey” to find out what people said were their best and worst gifts over the years.

Over 1,500 people responded and popular responses for best gifts included engagement rings, children born on or near Christmas, new pets and Keurig coffee makers! Some heartfelt comments shared members of the military who returned in time to celebrate safely with friends and family. One thankful spouse said, “My husband returning from the Vietnam War in December of 1967 safely to his family!”

A mother told the tale of her daughter’s gift and said she received a hat of invisibility with a note that said, “Mom, whenever you want to be invisible so you can have some peace and quiet, wear this hat!” She went on to say the hat was a homemade cone modeled after the sorting hat from Harry Potter.

Another woman said her mom and dad provided the best gift when she was a child, and she loved her gold, stingray bicycle with monkey bar handles and a banana seat!

We loved this response about a lady’s gift from her husband, “He got me a stand-up paddle board. I am 62 years old and so appreciated not getting an old woman’s gift!”

Over 20 people responded that they received Molly Maid gift certificates as holiday gifts and it was their favorite of all time! That correlates with the question we Molly Maid Gift Certificateasked about the top item respondents would love to have removed from their To Do lists, and 68% of people said no more house cleaning! The second most dreaded task was laundry at 14%!

Almost 60% of responses said they do not give their loved ones ideas for gifts and 46% said their spouse or significant other needs the most help when it comes to selecting presents.

Here’s an example of last-minute shopping gone wrong, “I received a door mat! My husband did not get around to shopping until late one Christmas Eve, and he thought a door mat would keep my kitchen floor clean! He has since redeemed himself! He now gives very thoughtful gifts!”

Another epic miss was described as, “matching hats for my dog and me made by my mother in law. It wasn’t a joke; it was completely serious.”

The worst may have been, “An egg separator where the egg whites come out a man’s nostrils!”

Don’t make our list of worst gifts next year. The best gifts are considerate of the person and may be as simple as a handwritten card, a keepsake ornament or a sweet photograph. Good luck with your shopping and may your holidays be filled with love and laughter – hopefully not at the gifts you receive! Share any impressive or entertaining items you receive in the comments section below!